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Editorial Services


Proofreading is the most basic “edit” of any production. Proofreading helps to identify any errors with spelling, grammar, or style. Though it is not as thorough as what I like to call “full-blown editing,” it is a great place to start. 


Editing includes developmental or substantive/line edits. From short to long publications, let me help you polish all that hard work into the exact, final message you desire.


Copy-editing is editing done on pre-existing copy. For example, if you have a website that is selling services or products, but it needs a little sprucing up in the verbiage department, copy-editing would be perfect service for you.

My Editing Philosophy

I prefer to use the Oxford comma. If you’re wondering why, just view the Ted ED video below, which explains the importance of the Oxford comma (though a sort of “truce” exists when it comes to using it).

I also prefer to edit line-by-line. (Unless, of course, you only need someone to proof your work.) Line-by-line edits are like a cover-all, especially when it comes to editing a novel. I copy-edit while also giving developmental direction—not to mention help with formatting. If you have specific formatting needs, I am familiar with most standard formats. However, I prefer to use the Chicago Manual of Style because it is the most used format in traditional book publishing.

Writing Services


Copy-writing is basically persuasive speech in various formats. That means copy might be the words in an ad for a new product, a tagline for a website that sells products or services, or even a tweet or Facebook post. The reader of the copy should be persuaded about the idea/product/service by the end of its message.

Content Creation*

Content creation is similar to copy-writing, except that it does not often intend to persuade the reader of anything. Its purpose is to inform—similar to technical writing. An example of content creation would be a website landing page that tells a student about a school’s policies.

Content creation is just as vital as copy-writing, because the language of any individual or company—whether to inform or to sell something—should be cohesive, relevant, and professional. Below are further examples of content creation:

Announcements (example: weekly announcements for a school or business via Constant Contact, a blog, or other communications platform)

Flyers (Informational/Promotional through Microsoft Word or Pages)

Newsletters (Content and formatting only through Microsoft Word or Pages)

Websites (I am familiar with the SquareSpace platform, but currently use WordPress for my own site. I do not create code, but can use the pre-existing platforms to manipulate layout and content.)

*Please note: I do not provide graphics services, but have recommended a few amazing graphic designers and similar services, if you’re looking for something unique that’s created just for you. 

Ghost Writing

Do you have a special project in need of a ghost writer? Let me know HERE.


It’s hard to start a big project, especially if it involves writing a dissertation or book. I offer 30-60 minute writing coaching sessions via phone, Google Hangout, or FaceTime. If you are in need of a writing coach for your project, let me know HERE.


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