Here’s what some of my clients and business partners have to say about working with me as an editor:

“After rewriting my book blurb for the zillionth time, the writing gods led me to Tamar. Her manner is warm and encouraging, while her editing pen cuts quick and clean. Tamar is a wonderful partner in the editing process. I look forward to working with her again.” —Dina Keratsis, author of Kicking Sideways

“You have made my book go from a good read to a GREAT read!” —Keshawn Dodds, author of Menzuo: The Calling of the Sun Prince

“Tamar has been the editor, writer, ghost writer, confidant, encourager, cheerleader, voice of reason, friend, sister, and coach that I have always needed and wanted. Her professionalism, communication, availability, and wise counsel has made her a joy to work with. She has already helped create and complete many projects, and am beyond excited to continue to work with her on many more projects in the future. I cannot give a higher recommendation for someone than the one I give for Tamar. If you are in need of any of the services she provides, I would suggest you contact her right now to see if you can work together. Trust me: you will not be disappointed.” —Tim Reilly, Founder of Compelled

“You are GREAT at what you do. I love how you make writers sound good and still maintain their voice and point of view. I love working with you.” —Felicia Larson, Life Coach & Speaker at Truth & Freedom Ministries

“You are one of the best editors I have worked with.” —Braxton Cosby, CEO of Cosby Media Productions & author of the The School of Ministry Series & The Star-Crossed Saga Series

“Tamar really knows her stuff…I was feeling shaky about my book, but her edits made me feel confident.” —Robin Woods, author of The Watcher Series

“[Your] quick feedback…really helped me with direction as I went back over my story again.” —Adam Rechenmacher, author of Brilliant Colors

“Tamar helped me completely reformat my resume, and helped me make it look superb! When my current boss, the president of our company, interviewed me, he asked if he could have an extra copy to show his son ‘what a resume should look like.’ Tamar is amazing and so helpful in the editing process!” —Caitlyn F., Administrative Assistant

 “Tamar is an editing genius!” —Leon Cosby III, COO of Cosby Media Productions

“Your suggestions don’t come off as mean or harsh, but very informative and hopefully a teachable moment to help authors.” —Yelle Hughes, Editing Coordinator for A World of Joy anthology from ASMSG (2013)