Interviews & Guest Posts

2017 Interviews & Guest Posts:

Mentioned on: JamiGold.comHelp! What if I Can’t Find Beta Readers?

Interview/Feature on

2016 Interviews & Guest Posts:

Guest Post: “Staying Connected to the Writing Community” on

Interview/Feature: “Reader’s Life” magazine interview. Click HERE to read the issue.

Interview: “By the Fireplace” with Grant Warren. Click HERE to listen to my interview on Blog Talk Radio.

Featured Author on: Allison Reid

Book Review on: Hide the Chocolate

2015 Interviews & Guest Posts:

Guest Post: “What Do Aliens Eat?” on But What Are They Eating? with Shelley Workinger

Guest Post: “How to Host a Book Launch Party” on

Cover Reveal (The Wrong Fairy Tale) with Braxton Cosby

Interviewed by Robin Woods

Cover Reveal (Spirit Lake) with Braxton Cosby

2014 Interviews & Guest Posts:

Guest post on Sergio Lopez

Feast Island featured on Write Away Bliss

2013 Interviews & Guest Posts:

Guest post on Paul Sutton Reeves

Guest post on Jordanna East

Mentioned by Thomas A. Fowler in What Message Will You Send as a Writer?

Mentioned by Paul Sutton Reeves in Thoughts on Ten Thousand Words

Guest post on Eris Kelli’s blog (Author of the Piper LeVine Series)

2012 Interviews:

Marcy Rachel’s Book Covers

The Student’s Life

Robin Woods (author of The Watchers Series)

Lauren Gilbart

2011 Interviews & Guest Posts: 

Guest Post on Brea Essex’s blog (Author of Foreshadow)

Interviewed by Elizabeth Sogard


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