New Book Release: Fiction Writing Workbook by Robin Woods

Hello readers,

I have a special announcement today. My good friend and writing partner in crime, Robin Woods, has released her seventh book! It’s her first non-fiction book: a writer’s workbook.

This workbook is awesome because it’s great for both “aspiring” and seasoned writers. There’s lots of great space to write down thoughts, ideas, and outlines, while also having some good structure as guidance. I highly recommend this book, especially since it makes a great Christmas present. 🙂

Here’s the blurb (from Amazon):

“This workbook provides a space for you to journal ideas and thoughts for your next–or first–best seller. Robin not only shares her knowledge gained by years of experience, but thoughtfully gives space for writers to reflect and hand-write their ideas and moments of inspiration.” –author and editor Tamar Hela 

Writing a first draft can be daunting. This workbook provides guidance for key elements of fiction writing that help create a cohesive novel. Additionally, it gives writers powerful reference resources to create an emotionally authentic work and the space to hash it all out in one, easy-to-carry book.

Workbook sections include:

  • Brainstorm and outlining
  • Plotting and the “Tent Pole” Method
  • Character Worksheets
  • Conflict
  • Setting
  • Lined pages for easy journaling
  • And more!

Reference sections include:

  • Common publishing terms and abbreviations
  • Using numerals in text
  • Clichés and newbie errors
  • Symbols and symbolism
  • Synonyms
  • Self-editing checklist and beta readers
  • And more!
Some page samples from the workbook.

Some page samples from the workbook.

Yes, I DID write the foreword, thus I’m quoted at the beginning of the blurb. Pretty cool, huh?

You can grab a copy for yourself and/or your writing friends by clicking HERE.

Visit Robin Woods at her website, follow her on Twitter, or check out her Facebook page.