New Release: The Fallen Part 2 by Robin Woods

Happy Thursday, readers!

I wanted to let you all know about a new release from my dear friend and writing partner, Robin Woods. Her exciting and sexy YA Vampire Watcher Series has finally come to its conclusion. I have been a fan from the start, and was able to beta read, proofread, and edit most of the series. I highly recommend this book; grab your copy TODAY:


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And click HERE to visit Robin’s website to find out where you can stalk her online. Hope you guys pick up a copy! Happy reading! 🙂

IMG_7812About Robin:

Young adult fiction writer, Robin Woods, was born and raised in San Jose, CA where she earned a BA in English and a MA in Education from local universities. In addition to writing, Robin has been teaching high school English for over two decades and works as a college professor. Her love of working with teenagers and her love of books inspired her to begin writing in the teen genre.

Robin’s love affair with vampire lore began at age eight when she was mesmerized by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. She took advantage of her summers off and traveled all of Europe; she even managed to find herself in one of Vlad Dracul’s castles in Romania. She escaped unharmed.

When she is not torturing her high school English students or chasing her two small children around, she is sitting in a local coffee shop wondering how vampires like their lattes.

Character Interview: Tyran/Taranis from The Watcher Series

book boyfriend

Okay, so let’s all be real with each other for a minute and admit that we have fictional crushes. My very first fictional crush—and I don’t think I’ve confessed this since Kindergarten, mind you—was Bugs Bunny. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Now, it’s slightly embarrassing, but I obviously wasn’t thinking about LOVE in the real sense (or even sexuality) as a 5-year-old. I just thought the cartoon character was funny and cute and always managed to get away from the notorious Elmer Fudd.

As I became older, I still had cartoon crushes, but they were at least human cartoons. Okay, actually, I think I did kinda have a crush on Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life. (Don’t judge. Fine, you CAN, but just don’t tell me.) And, of course, I grew up with Disney, so I crushed on almost every prince or hero in the cartoon movies.

Finally, when I was nearing junior high age and reading tons and tons of books on my own, I began developing crushes on fictional literary characters. Since then, I have collected quite a string of fictional boyfriends and will continue to add to my list as I discover new books. However, the guest on my blog today has…I dunno…like that something extra special about him. Good thing I happen to know his creator, Robin Woods, quite well, because I can ask her about him as much as I want.

But today, I have the bad boy vampire prince all to myself, and he’s here to answer my questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my #1 fictional boyfriend, Tyran! *clapping my hands, making internal cat calls, and fanning myself* I’ll let Tyran speak for himself while I ask him questions, and then you can decide if he’ll be your next crush, too. Here we go:

Me: Hi, Tyran. Or…should I say Prince Tyran? Thank you so much for letting me interview you on my blog today.

Tyran: Whatever you prefer. (He waves his hand dismissively, but I swear he winks at me.) It is my pleasure to be interviewed by you.

Me: So, let’s cut to the chase. (I gulp nervously.) How long have you been a vampire?
Tyran: My entire existence; I was born a vampire.

Me: Do sparkly vampires, like Edward Cullen, actually exist? (I have to hold back my smirk.)
Tyran: (He rolls his eyes and flicks his wrist as if batting away the question.) Cliché. Next.

Me: (I want to press him about the former question for a real answer, but there’s something in the way he’s watching me that tells me it’s best to move on.) What’s the best thing about being a vampire?
Tyran: Superiority.

Me: (His answers are so clipped, but I need to remain calm, cool, and collected. I move to the next question on my list.) What’s the worst thing about being a vampire?
Tyran: There is nothing bad about being me. (He raises an eyebrow, and I suck in a breath. I’m nervous all over again, like when I asked out my old junior high crush for the Sadie Hawkins dance freshman year of high school.)

Me: Do you like being a prince?
Tyran: (Examining his nails and looking bored.) Nothing else would do now, would it?

Me: I suppose not. (I nod a little too emphatically.) Do you have any special abilities? 
Tyran: Strength, speed, mind-control, and several other things I would be happy to show you.

Me: (Is it hot in here or is it just me? I find myself reaching up to the back of my neck and rubbing it as if that will steady me somehow. Then I clear my throat after what seems like 100 years, but is closer to 10 seconds.) If you wanted to take someone like me—er…a woman on a date, how would you plan it? Do you plan ahead like that?
Tyran: My planning would be meticulous. I like to familiarize myself with whomever I have interest in. Especially if it were with the likes of you. (The way he says the last sentence sounds very intimate. My throat is suddenly dry and I have to take a sip from my water while he’s looking me up and down.)

Me: Do you have a favorite book? (I hope and pray this is a safe question. But then again, nothing is safe about Tyran.)
Tyran: I prefer the classics. (He laughs and winks at me.) The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli or maybe something by Sun Tsu. (He pauses and leans forward, slowly running his finger over my knuckles. I find myself locked in his stare, completely mesmerized by the ridiculously blue eyes looking at me. I hope I’m not drooling, because that’s the only thing my body can manage at this point.)

‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.’ Though, it is often an advantage to know your poetry. (He seems to turn the full force of his blue eyes on me as he takes my hand. He’s reciting—freaking RECITING, from memory—poetry to me, like he’s trying to woo me. WHO. DOES. THAT? Well…Tyran, that’s who.)
‘By night, Love, tie your heart to mine, and the two
Together in their sleep will defeat the darkness
Like a double drum in the forest, pounding
Against the thick wall of wet leaves.’

Me: (Was that double entendre? How am I supposed to take all this? Reluctantly, I take my hand back and try to keep my demeanor professional. Hopefully he doesn’t hear the slight tremor in my voice. Then again, he’s supposed to have better hearing than a Border Collie, so he probably knows. Lord, I hope he can’t read minds—I can’t remember now if that was one of his “special abilities” or otherwise.) That’s nice. Who is it by?

Tyran: Pablo Neruda (He’s looking at the hand I pulled from him, a slight frown on his face.)

Me: Do you think you’ll ever get married? Or that you’ll find someone with whom you could spend the rest of your immortal life? 
Tyran: (His head snaps up. Well…that got his attention.) I would never deprive myself of any experience.

Me: (I wasn’t expecting that. Very interesting…hmm…) Okay, Prin—I mean, Tyran. Final question. Does the thought of immortality ever scare you?
Tyran: (A leisurely grin spread across his face as he rakes his eyes up and down me. He’s taking in every inch, and I want to both hide behind my chair and lean forward to kiss him. My heartbeat is a little faster than normal.) Never. I like being able to take my time in all things.

Me: (I think I’ve just died and gone to Man—Vampire—Candy Heaven. It takes me a few seconds to recover from that last answer. Tyran is somehow in possession of my hand again, and I think he’s starting to ask me if I’ve ever gone to France—where he currently resides. I pretend to not hear his question and instead start to wrap up the interview.) I—well—thank you, Tyran, for the interview and for your time today. I’m sure my readers are very interested in knowing more about you.

Tyran: And what about you, Tamar? (He’s practically cooing, and my name sounds like a loaded question that’s already been answered for me, instead of the usual harshness of pronunciation by Starbucks baristas who royally screw up my name.)

Me: Oh, I enjoyed this interview very much as well. (I’m stammering now, so Tyran’s going to take over from this point.)

Tyran: Good. We can discuss more over dinner.

Well…guess I have a dinner date with Tyran. Though, I don’t think he really eats, but maybe he’ll have a glass of wine. 😉

In the meantime, to close out this interview, I have a profile for Tyran below. Enjoy the eye candy, and leave a comment—or a question you might have for Tyran—if you’d like. Below the picture/profile are links to Robin’s Watcher Series Pinterest boards. Make sure you check those out—they’re super fun. 🙂


The Watcher Series

Who Would You Cast? The Watcher Series

Allure, by Robin Woods, is now available!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that Allure by Robin Woods was released this week! Be sure to check out her book (there’s a special widget she created, so you can preview her book). OR…take my word that it’s an awesome read and you’ll definitely want to add it to your library. Check out all the links below and have a happy Sunday!

Hugs, peace, and love…


Allure on Amazon:

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Allure Cover (Small)

Cover Reveal: Allure by Robin Woods

As promised, here is the beautiful cover of Allure, a novel by the talented and fabulous Robin Woods. It’s her birthday today, so join me in wishing her a very happy birthday by liking or commenting on this post. Below the cover is some Q&A with the author.

Allure Cover (Small)

My Interview with author Robin Woods

1. Tell us about Allure.
Allure is a prequel to The Watcher Series and is about Aleria “Ali” Hayes’ great-grandmother, Rosemond Le Clair. Rosemond is mentioned in the other novels, but now you get to see part of her story that even Ali doesn’t know.  Since we are dealing with vampires, there are cross over characters despite the fact it takes place in 1928.

Here is the rough draft of the description:
In the midst of flappers, and a world gone wild with parties, the Watchers strive to protect the last in a line of powerful Seers, a task proving more difficult by the day.

When what begins as a brief assignment to escort the only remaining daughter of the Le Clair family to safety goes tragically awry, George Yates is thrust into a life or death struggle to protect his charge, Rosemond Le Clair. Cut off from the Watchers, not knowing who to trust, George and Rosemond must fight against fate itself for survival.

2. What’s next, after Allure is released?
While working on edits for Allure, I have been writing a fourth Watcher Series book tentatively named The Fallen.  It takes place one year after The Sacrifice.  I have two books planned in this story arc.  I’m not sure what I’m doing after they are completed.  I have ideas for a few spin offs.  There will probably be a novella in there somewhere.  I’ve also been approached to do some script writing.  This might be a good fit, as dialog is my favorite thing to write.

3. When do you expect to release Allure?
Early September!

4. Are you a full-time or part-time writer?  How does that affect your writing?
I am a full-time English teacher.  The truth is I love teaching, and plan to continue indefinitely.  I would love at some point to be able to cut down to a couple of periods and fill the rest of my time with writing.  But I think that will be at least a few years off (maybe more).

5. Since publishing your first book, The Unintended, what else has been keeping you busy?
“Always on the go” is a little bit of an understatement for me.  Besides teaching, I am a wife and mother of two children (ages three and six).   As well as the Resident Hair & Make-Up Designer for Theatre and Dance at a local venue.  Despite the demands of work and family, I have been able to release two more novels.  No, I don’t sleep.

6. What would you consider your greatest success in writing thus far?
Having three, and almost four, novels under my belt I think is a success.  With each book I try to give myself some new challenges.  One of my worst fears is to become stagnant as a writer.  I set two specific challenges for Allure:

  1. I set it in 1928; this required a lot more historical research.
  2. As with the other novels, it is written in first person, but I decided to use two perspectives.  Keeping suspense when the audience knows what both the main characters are thinking was rather delightful.

7. What’s the last great book you read?
It’s difficult to pick.  There are a few over the last year that I immediately reread.  Yes, I’m that person.  Most of the books I’ve read this year are Young Adult:
Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices #3) by Cassandra Clare
Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth
Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) by Tahereh Mafi
Through the Ever Night (Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi

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8. Happy birthday, by the way! (A cake for you, pictured above) Are you doing anything special today?
I may get to sneak out to lunch with a friend.  No large celebration this year.

Robin Woods

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