Teaser Tuesday: The Wrong Fairytale

Happy Teaser Tuesday, readers!

Thought I’d share a snippet from my current work-in-progress, The Wrong Fairytale (book 2 in the Spirit Lake Series). This book is due out in December, if all goes well, and I can’t wait to reveal it to the world! For the time being, hope you enjoy this sample:

We, along with our guide, hiked through the beautifully eerie forest. The sunlight was barely visible through the thickness of the trees, and soft but strange noises were beginning to grow in volume. It creeped me out.

Alex’s arm draped around my shoulders, and her head bumped slightly against my chest with every step I took. She murmured unintelligible jargon but never opened her eyes; her body felt like it was on fire from within, even though her clothes were cold and wet. It made me worry even more and I said as much to the alien dude, but he only told us to press on.

“Geoff, do you need me to carry her?” Daniel quickened his pace to keep in step with me. “You look exhausted.”

“No,” I shook my head, pressing my lips into a thin line. “I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”

In my irritation, I cut him off abruptly. “I said I was good.”

I let my guilty conscience ignite my chronic anger, allowing tension to roll from my body. It actually fueled my adrenaline while carrying Alex. Daniel could probably sense the vibe I gave off and instinctively stepped back. I knew he was trying to be nice, but I didn’t deserve nice. If only they knew how reckless I was with her before we came here, they’d kill me—especially Ben. I sighed inaudibly and tried to bounce my body in order to readjust Alex in my arms. It made her open her eyes and she looked at me with confusion.

“Geoffrey?” she slurred, her eyelids fluttering like hairy butterflies. But before I could answer, she closed her eyes again and tightened her grip on my body, her hand wrapping around my exposed neck. The heat from her hand nearly caused me to jump, but I managed to keep my balance.

“Hang in there, Alex. Hang in there,” I whispered close to her ear.

Below is a concept drawing of my beloved Geoffrey, one of my favorite characters from the series. Special thanks to my artist, “Cheryl Smith,” who drew this. 🙂

Geoffrey Mitchell by Cheryl Smith

Geoffrey Mitchell by Cheryl Smith



A Spirit Lake Series Extra: Cantelian Map!

Hey everyone,

I am so excited to share a new extra with you, from my Spirit Lake Series: a map of the alien planet Cantelia! My cover artist, who just happens to be my youngest sister, is a very talented young lady. She is working on some character sketches and book scenes as well. The map is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, and I hope you think so, too. Check it out:

map jpeg 3

I also have some great news about the first book in my series, Feast Island. May 14th is the one-year anniversary of the publication of Feast Island–hooray! How time has flown by so quickly! In order to celebrate, I will have my eBook available for FREE on Kindle, beginning May 14th. But it won’t be free forever; make sure you check Amazon for “Feast Island” on May 14th!

Another grand piece of news is that I have decided to release a second edition of Feast Island, brand new cover and all. I am nearly done with technical edits and will be moving on to content edits this week. I cannot wait to re-release my first “baby” while readers wait for book two: The Wrong Fairytale. No official release date for said second book, but Feast Island, 2nd Edition should be out before summer. Stay tuned. 🙂

That is all the excitement I have to share for now. Thanks for reading and showing interest in my writing adventures. I am so grateful to have amazing followers and fans–I’d otherwise be talking to myself without you!



It’s Not Teaser Tuesday, But…Who Cares?

Happy Friday, everyone! It has been a crazy two weeks for me, getting back into the swing of things after being on vacation earlier this month. I am just catching up with life, but still have a few more things to tackle over the weekend. I’m trying to take one thing at time and remembering to breathe. Finally, I am making myself blog, partly because I missed last week, but mostly because I am going to be brave and share an unedited (aka IGNORE typos, because I did!) teaser with you! And though it’s technically not “Teaser Tuesday”, I hope you’re as excited as I! This teaser hails from my latest WIP (work-in-progress), The Wrong Fairytale. The Wrong Fairytale is book 2 of my Spirit Lake Series, and I cannot wait until it is finished. I won’t throw out dates quite yet, but am hoping for a fall release.

Before I give you the teaser, here is a very brief synopsis of the novel:

Seven teenagers from California are sent to the planet Cantelia to save its people from an evil ruler. On this return trip, the kids are transported to an enchanted forest. The forest inhabitants seem welcoming and friendly until trouble begins to stir. Can the teenagers work together and find the key to resolving all the strange things happening? Or will it be too late?

Here’s the teaser (with one of my favorite characters)…enjoy! 🙂

Geoffrey dried his dishes and put each item away methodically. He could hear low murmurs coming from the TV in the family room, and his father snoring loudly. It was too much. He needed to get some air. Go for a ride—anything else than being in a place that reminded him of everything awful in his life. He grabbed his leather jacket off the hook on the wall, keys jangling in one of the pockets.

Under the overhang that acted as their garage, stood Geoffrey’s brand new motorcycle. He had saved for a whole year, working odd jobs here and there, to buy the bike of his dreams. Gram told him that if he could pay half, she’d chip in the remaining amount for his birthday. When he turned sixteen in July, he had enough and purchased the motorcycle he’d been eying for two years. He was surprised when his dad, who usually forgot birthdays, holidays, and any other significant days, shoved a big paper bag with handles into Geoffrey’s arms that morning. Inside were a brand new helmet, all black, and dark gray leather jacket that fit perfectly. He was so stunned at the unexpected gift and remembrance that he could barely mumble a thank you. His father only grunted and grabbed a beer from the fridge. Gram had probably put him up to it, but Geoffrey never cared to speculate or analyze.

It was chilly that night; definitely a sign that the season was changing. In fact, tomorrow would mark the first day of fall. The changing seasons reminded Geoffrey about being magically transported to an alien planet exactly a year before. The thought made him shiver every time and he shook off the feeling of eeriness. He would never get used to it.

The road welcomed him with open arms and seemed to stretch endlessly before him. Already he could feel his anger and anxiety levels begin to taper. He had no idea where he was going but didn’t really care; he just wanted to ride. Stopping by Gram’s was always a thought, but she would probably asleep by now. She had told him not to worry about her—she had a great doctor and she’d find out more tomorrow about her treatment options. There was no immediate danger, she has assured him. But why did he feel so uneasy and not reassured at all?

While thinking about the crappy afternoon he’d had, he found himself in a familiar neighborhood: the exact one in which Alex lived. Why had he driven here? But instead of trying to answer the question, he continued to drive to her house, everything but the bike’s angry motor in still quiet.

He drove to her house, and there were lights on in the kitchen and bedroom windows. He turned off his motor and lights just before anyone could see him outside, and tried to hide in the foliage across the road from her house. There were no houses parallel to Alex’s—just the forest and some trails that led to developing real estate a half mile away. The garage was still open and he could see Mrs. Hill washing dishes. He’d only been to the house a few times in the past year, for group projects and once because he had been invited over along those with whom they’d traveled to Cantelia—the magical, alien planet. They had a type of a planning meeting, discussing their theories about what kind of task awaited them on Cantelia and when they thought Goden, a spirit guide of sorts, would call them back. Geoffrey only went because there was free food, a hot tub, and heard beforehand that Keira wouldn’t show. She didn’t.

Geoffrey felt like a creep watching Alex’s house, just standing there with his bike in the dark. At least she had only one nearby neighbor who was definitely out of town or asleep. Movement suddenly appeared by the RV parked on the side of the house. It was Sean, Alex’s younger brother, taking out the trash. Geoffrey sucked in his breath, anxious that he would be seen across the way, but Sean only whistled a song, dumped his small garbage bag into the large bin, and went back into the RV. Close call. Then his attention was directed to the house, where one of the bedroom windows had movement. It was Alex.

She walked around the room, appearing restless and lost in thought, then finally came close to the open window. She looked outside, right at him, and he froze. Confusion filled her face for a moment before she closed the open window and drew the blinds. He let out an audible breath. That was enough spying for one night. It was hard enough to understand why he was drawn to her, yet alone envy her normal and stable life. She had a mom who cared for her and a dad who worked hard to make their family happy. Geoffrey walked his bike down the street before hopping on and starting the engine. As he sped down the rolling hills back to Sly Park Road, he hoped his dad would still be asleep when he arrived home.

Geoffrey Inspiration 3

The picture above (actor Adam Gregory) is how I picture Geoffrey.

What do you think? I sincerely hope you liked it! More teasers to come. My current word count is just over 11.5k, so I’ve made good progress this year. This month, I am participating in the Camp NaNoWriMor and my goal is to have 19k more words done by the month’s end. Pretty sure that’s doable! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.