Protect Your Computers From A New Threat

If you’re a business owner, you’re going to be dealing with constant and consistent threats to your workplace.

If it’s not the competition undercutting you, or someone stealing an idea, it’s going to be general theft and the safety of your premises. Another threat may be someone trying to pinch your employees from you.

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Business in the modern day seems more about protecting yourself and your work than working.

The truth is that businesses are going to face threats on a daily basis and these threats are going to originate in more places than one.

Even if your business doesn’t have a physical presence, the newest and worst threat to your livelihood and work is cyber-crime. If your business has a web presence, and it should have, it’s a target for more criminals than ever. What’s worse is that you could be leaving the door wide open for them.

Your business is going to hold a lot of valuable data and financial information, and it’s perhaps the data that is more of a target to cyber criminals than the financial information. If you think about it, there’s a limit to the amount of success one can experience with access to financial information. Data, on the other hand, is gold dust.

Think of lead generation. People interested in your business are leads, and if you’re doing business right, you’re going to hold a lot of information on your systems about your customers. The information of your customers is going to generate a lot of leads for someone out there, and criminals know that. The information held on your systems will attract a lot of bidders, and it’s probably going to be held less securely than financial information.

It’s so imperative to either encrypt data, or to assess whether you actually need it or not. If you’re holding onto information that isn’t needed, you could put people and your business at risk. Not only that, but data you do not need is taking up space. Either encrypt it or securely destroy it. It’s going to make your business a lot less of a tempting raid.

If you need help with keeping your computers safe, seek it immediately. This isn’t light-hearted, and if you’re a victim because of your lack of computing knowledge, it could be disastrous. Seeking managed IT security services might be a good idea if you’re not in the know.

Anti-virus software is above all, the key to keeping your computers safe. If a virus gets in through a download, you need to ensure that you are protected, and this software will do that for you. Each download should be scanned. If you’re not deploying anti-virus software, then you are in immediate danger. Resolve that error quickly. Being the victim of a trojan or ransomware isn’t fun at all.

Safeguarding your business is a daily task and one you above all need to take seriously. Being the victim of cyber-crime doesn’t just put you in danger; it puts your customers at risk. Business is based on trust, and if your clients cannot trust you, it’s over.


If You Work With Computers, It Is Inevitable That Something Will Go Wrong

Businesses are now utterly reliant on their computer systems and software working flawlessly. But there’s a slight problem: computer systems don’t work flawlessly. In fact, around seventy-five percent of IT technician’s time is spent fixing computer issues.

As a startup, you don’t want your enterprise to go under if your computer systems fail. So what can you do to make sure that you fix problems before they interrupt your operations? Let’s take a look.



Your Business’s Computers Are Slow

Slow computers cost companies thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Workers sitting in front of computers for hours on end is hardly the best use of their time. But what can you do about a slow computer?

Could it be because it’s old? The answer to that question is “maybe.” If your computer is old, you could potentially have an issue with your hard drive. Hard drives have mechanical moving parts. And, over time, these parts wear out and get less efficient. If one day it’s suddenly taking your applications fifty percent longer to load, there’s a good chance that your hard drive is starting to fail. Swap it out for a faster SSD and see if it makes any improvement. If the problem was the hard disk, you’ll notice a sudden improvement in speed.

Of course, it could be a whole raft of other problems. Corrupt registry keys, spyware, malware and fragmented data can all take their toll. There are products on the market that will correct corrupt registries and defrag your hard drive for free. Search for them, download them and see if they have any bearing on the speed of your systems.

You Lost Data

Losing data is one of the most damaging things that can happen to business. Data is needed for everything, from staying in contact with customers to getting ahead of the competition. Without data, companies are flying blind.


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Losing data is all too easy. That hard drive you were worried was failing? It can eventually fail entirely, preventing you from accessing data altogether.

Or can it? The good news is that data recovery isn’t impossible. If a drive on a laptop or a computer has died, the data contained on that drive can usually be brought back to life by experts. Usually, there’s nothing you can do yourself to recover data from a drive that has died. But data recovery experts should be able to recover data in all but the most extreme cases.

Your Wireless Network Keeps Cutting Out

There’s nothing more annoying for a business than an unstable wireless network. Like a slow or dying hard drive, it leeches productivity from your employees. An unstable wireless network can be caused by a whole raft of things. Stray radio waves can cause interruptions to the signal. So too can issues with the router’s location.

One of the biggest issues is cordless phones. If you use cordless phones in your office, consider changing the settings on your router or moving it to a different location.

It’s A Digital World: Four Ways New Technology Can Benefit Your Business


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It can be tricky to keep up with the every changing world of technology. A piece of tech seems to get twice as fast, twice as powerful or half the size, every six months. This can be especially challenging when you’re running a small business. As the business world shifts more and more into digital territory, it can feel as though you’re getting left behind.

But technology is not your enemy! New technologies can provide your business with just the boost it needs to compete in today’s market. Here are some ways in which you can use technology to keep your company on the cutting edge.

Smartphones and Tablets

Chances are you already have at least one of these. You might even be reading this on one of them. Smartphones and tablets are the perfect piece of tech for any business owner who’s constantly on the go. It’s pretty rare that you’ll have time to regularly sit down at a desk to check your emails or schedule. That’s where your phone or tablet comes to the rescue. You can check any information, respond to emails and arrange meetings all without interrupting your work day for even a moment.

Social Media

If your business doesn’t have a presence on social media, then you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect directly with your customers, fostering loyalty and helping to increase brand awareness. Make sure that you’re smart with how you use social media. Create compelling content that your customers will want to engage with instead of just filling their news feeds with spam.

The Cloud

For any small business owner, storage can be a nightmare. The last thing you want is to find yourself buried under mountains of storage data. This can slow down your networks and make accessing vital information more hassle than it needs to be. That’s where the cloud comes in.

The cloud is a server farm that provides massive amounts of space to store files and data. It keeps them safe and secure and ensures that you can always find the information you need. When thinking about storage solutions, make sure you find a cloud provider that works with your business.

Digital Advertising

Gone are the days of paper ads and billboards. Why bother when there’s a superior and more cost effective method of advertising at your fingertips? For small businesses, the ability to focus advertising to be location specific is a godsend. You can provide advertising that targets people in a small radius around the location of your business. This lets you avoid pointlessly advertising to people who will never be in a position to use your services.

The best thing is you don’t need to be an expert in marketing to utilize digital advertising. You just need to do a little research into where to best direct it. Facebook is a great place to start. The algorithms on the site determine where users are located and address certain pieces of marketing towards them. This way, you can make sure you’re targeting the right customers in the right places.

Still Resisting The Latest Business Tech? Here’s Why You Must Embrace It




The world of business has undergone an immense change in the past decade or two, and modern technology has been at the heart of those evolutions.

If your business has been surviving without the need for those upgrades, it can be tempting to ignore the obvious benefits. The harsh reality, however, is that your company needs those items. Otherwise, you will eventually slide into irrelevancy as your competitors take the advantage.

When it comes to making those upgrades, there’s no time like the present. Here are just some of the compelling reasons to get started immediately.

Bigger Audience Reach


The most obvious benefit of digital communication is that it allows your company to cast its nets further afield. In the click of a few buttons, online customers can find your business and even complete a purchase. Not only is it a 24/7 service; it can afford the opportunity to sell to people you’d never usually encounter.

If you are going to capitalize on the full capabilities, you need to understand user trends. Nowadays, the growing audience means it’s imperative that you tap into the mobile audience. Otherwise, you could be shutting your doors to half of your online audience. That would be nothing short of business suicide.

With a wider audience, your revenue and profits will soon soar. This should enable quicker growth to keep those positive responses coming too.


Provide A More Comprehensive Service


First and foremost, customers demand products that fulfill their purpose. However, they’ll have plenty of options in terms of where to buy those products. Therefore, the quality of service provided can make a world of difference to their consumer decisions.

The transaction process should be smooth while customers need to trust those systems too. Advanced merchant services can immediately transform the level of service provided. And it will not go unnoticed. Not only will it keep customers coming back, but it’ll encourage them to recruit others too.

Bolstering your customer care with social media and website services will further increase the trust. With customers feeling more positive about the brand, the chances of increased revenue are high.

Improve Your Team

Whatever you do in business, it’s important to realize that your input only goes so far. To truly see the best results, you need the support of a willing and capable team too. Unsurprisingly, modern tech can help you achieve it.

The internet is a wonderful resource for recruiting new employees quickly and efficiently. Teaching them to use new software and equipment via advanced training will increase their qualities in the workplace. When they become stronger workers, they’ll often display greater motivation too. Quite frankly, if this doesn’t lead to improved workflow and profitability, nothing will.

Communication facilities can also be embraced to aid your management tasks. This is especially true if you’ve outsourced jobs or have employees working in other locations. Whether it’s video conferencing or cloud computing, improving these links will have a massive impact on your profits. Do not underestimate it for a second.

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Putting Technology at the Forefront at Your Business

The technology that you’re is using is extremely important when it comes to increasing the potential of your business. Of course, it’s not exclusively about the technology you’re using. It’s also about how you’re using it; what function it serves and how adept your employees are at using it.


It’s important to close as many gaps between business and IT as you can. You should put focus on improving both the tech in your office and the skills of the people using them. That way, you can increase the efficiency of everyday tasks. Not only that, but you also open up the potential for your business to find totally new ways of doing things!

Here are some of the steps you should consider taking.

Introduce more software

A lot of time is spent talking about the hardware that can be found in your average office. But what about the things that are on that hardware – namely, the software? After all your hardware really is only as good as the software that’s on it. (Well, it’s also as good as the person using it, but we’ll get to that later!)


One of the best things you can do for your business is make sure you’re exploring all your options when it comes to software. Pretty much every department in your average office can use software to do their jobs more efficiently. The financial department can get bookkeeping software. HR can get human resource software. Whatever the department, do some research and see if you can’t ease their workload with some good programs!

Offer employees lessons in technological pursuits

One of the best ways to make sure your office tech is used to its full potential is for employees to fully understand it. After all, if an employee can only use a couple of a machine’s functions, then was the investment in that technology really worth it?


There are several ways you can increase the knowledge and confidence of your employees when it comes to tech. You can have a senior member of staff dedicate some time to explaining the advanced features of the technology to other employees. You can also look into some free tech courses. From data visualization to programming, there are loads of skills that employees can learn that may help them day-to-day!

Update the tech in your office

This doesn’t necessarily mean “replace all your hardware with new iterations”. This step could be as simple as making sure you have all of your firmware and operating systems updated. But if you do have some outdated hardware, you’ll probably want to do something about it.


Let’s say you have computers or printers that can barely do the job they were originally intended to do. They were great once upon a time, but now they’re just causing slowdown and employee frustration. In this case, you should probably start reviewing the costs of replacements! (Or, in the case of the printer, just use it less.) Remember that, if you’re stuck, then you can always look into getting some IT support for updates and fixes.

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