Top Of The Shop: Running A Retail Business

It’s a tall order starting a retail business from scratch. There are so many things to think about to get your dream business trading. From getting the business loan, to getting the right staff members. But what happens when you want the business to be established and have a fully functioning retail organization? What can you do to keep staff members happy and turn over a profit, while at the same time keep your original core values? Let’s have a look.


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Keeping Staff Happy

A minefield in a small shop environment. You can’t afford the luxury of more staff. But if you only have a small amount of staff, unexpected arisings such as illness can put the staff structure into disarray. To prevent an issue like this, delegate staff members individual roles and duties to give them a perspective of being an essential cog in the wheel. If you assign a manager and assistant manager rather than a generic “assistant” handle, you are encouraging them to step up to the plate. You are assigning them responsibility.

There is also the question of staff “politics”. Sometimes people do not get along for whatever reason. In that environment, you simply do not have time to have issues crop up. It can cost time and effort, causing a lack in productivity and creates uncomfortable feeling. When it comes to staff issues, you can either take them aside in a quiet moment. Reiterate that this is a business and there is no need for it to be personal. Or encourage them to discuss it between themselves. It could be an issue that is easily solved after a chat, clearing the air and making it easier for everyone to work. If there are people who just cannot get along, split breaks between them for a short term solution.

Appealing To Customers

Your target is to sell, how you do that is up to you.

Keeping the appearance of your shop fresh with window displays changed regularly is one way. You can use the displays to highlight new stock. A staff member with an artistic leaning will be a godsend in this area.

Having an online appearance is very important too. Using social media to encourage the message further by creating memes, or short videos can cause an impact if presented correctly.

When making a successful sale, customer follow-ups will show that the business values their custom. Drafting an email questionnaire or a quick phone call to get feedback is great market research, so you can improve the relationship between the store and the customer.

It is worth noting that customers rarely pay in cash as using a credit or debit card is much easier. So, make sure you are up to date on the latest payment methods, such as contactless payment. TallySoft can provide information on aspects like this.

Using marketing like radio adverts is a way to encourage locals in. Using hospital radio, or the local radio station will help keep people faithful if you are trying to advertise a rustic, homely image.

If running a retail business, the stakes are high. So do as much research into your customers as you can. Keep smiling, and your efforts will pay off.

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