Key Marketing Tips For Business Success

Marketing can make or break a business. You could have the most innovative product out there but if nobody knows about it then they aren’t going to buy or use it. You need to structure your marketing and tailor it to your business needs. Startups especially need all the help they can get to beat out competition from longstanding competitors. Here are some top tips for success within marketing.

Tailor Your Website

The majority of businesspersons who set up their own company have no idea how to code. It’s tough, very tough, and a quality website takes a while to formulate. But remember, it’s one of the biggest branding tools you have, think of it like a shop window. A mistake certain businesses make is setting up a generic website and not knowing whether it fits within their target niche.

For example, experts will know what kinds of websites work within each kind of specific area. The best dental websites are built by people who know what looks good and attracts custom. Find an expert in website creation and use them or at least research how other similar sites look in your field.



Go Old School

In the age of technology we sometimes forget tried and tested old school methods of marketing but they really do work. All they cost is time. Sure, you can pay for a bunch of business cards or flyers and post them but there’s nothing better than knocking doors and telling people about the new product you offer. It really does work and gets people engaged.

Of course, many people won’t want to know, and that’s fine, you tried. It drums up business for you new product in your local area. All it takes is a few interested people and word will quickly spread. You can also volunteer to speak at seminars and trade shows, this does the same thing but for people who have taken time out of their day to listen to what you say and is a tried and tested method of getting your brand out there.

Social Media

Just like the old school methods work for some people, if you want your product to be seen by the younger generation and those who are tech savvy your best bet is to get it on social media.Create a page on Twitter and Facebook, then you need to post smart, coherent and well written content that will attract people to your page and hopefully your website, leading to sales.

Stay On Top Of Your Traffic

If you use a service like Google Analytics you can observe exactly how many people visit your website and also where they visited it from. This is great for ascertaining which elements of your marketing works and what doesn’t.

For example, if loads of traffic comes from Facebook but not Twitter you need to change something on twitter and vice versa. If you’re getting no traffic at all you need to up your content posting or instead start to increase the quality, there are many freelance writers out there who can write quality content for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

What’s Missing From Your Marketing?

You may not think it, but it can be pretty easy to get your business stuck in some kind of marketing rut. Far too many business owners will try out a range of different tactics, and end up settling on what they feel most comfortable with, without considering anything in the way of continual improvement. If you feel your marketing isn’t doing all it can for you, here are some things that could be missing from your strategy.

Customer Segmentation

It’s a pretty common mistake for business owners to lean on a range of ads with a very broad focus, aiming to appeal to a vast audience, made up of various different groups, all at the same time. If you get stuck in this habit, it can really grind down the strength of your lead generation efforts.

Now that everyone’s using mobile devices, it’s easier than ever for businesses to collect an abundance of data from individual customers. This, in turn, has sparked a huge shift in marketing strategies, with more and more brands tailoring their materials to individuals, rather than people in general.

If you’re not doing this, then you’re bound to fall behind your close competitors. Make sure you’re segmenting your customer data, and crafting marketing materials that cater to individual niches in your customer base.

More Varied Content


Image source: Wikimedia

While blog posts, press releases and other written word content can be hugely effective, it shouldn’t be the only ingredient going into your content marketing strategy. By and large, customers are getting bored with words. They want videos, visuals and sharp graphics.

When you’re incorporating imagery into your content the right way, you’ll be able to tell a much more memorable story, and create a whole new spectrum of emotions tied to your brand. Understandably, you may not have the resources or know-how to craft great visual content for your marketing campaign.

Fortunately, there are countless businesses out there which you can outsource this kind of work to. From video firms like Rocket Productions to freelance graphic designers for infographics, you’ll have no trouble sourcing visuals that will make your content marketing much more varied and effective.

Emphasis on Data

Your marketing can’t survive if every decision you make is based on hunches, hearsay, and trial and error. If you let things carry on like this for too long, you’ll inevitably hit a rude awakening.

At the very start of your marketing campaign, make sure you’re applying tools that will allow you to look into the way your customers are behaving, and make smart decisions based on what you find. This will ensure that every little change you make to your marketing will be based on solid, real-world insights, and therefore much more effective in the long run.

Obviously humans can be pretty unpredictable, and numbers can only take you so far. However, if you don’t take the guesswork out of your marketing, you’ll only be setting yourself up to fail.

Take a good look at your current marketing campaign, and see if any of these are missing from it.

Traditional Marketing Isn’t Dead!

These days, when someone says “marketing”, it’s easy to immediately assume that they mean digital marketing. Surely, digital marketing has totally revolutionized the way modern companies get their name out there, and has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into a reality. While this has certainly been a good thing for business, there are various traditional marketing materials which really don’t get enough attention.

With a good balance of both traditional and modern marketing tactics, you’ll have a much more well-rounded strategy overall. If you’ve been leaning too far towards the digital side of things, here are some of the traditional marketing materials you should consider using.


Image from Flickr

First of all, the humble business card is a useful tool. As a marketing material, business cards have been overlooked for a long time, and this is even more true now in 2016. Far too many inexperienced business owners totally ignore them, and invest their marketing budget entirely on SEO, social media and other modern techniques. Then, there are many other CEOs who invest in business cards, but don’t make sure that they meet their full potential.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when having business cards commissioned is failing to use a clean or creative design. Some will go with the cheapest possible option and leave their contact information somewhat unclear. Others will have a fairly clear and concise design, but use a poor quality paper or card. Just because a marketing material is printed doesn’t mean that you should scrimp on it! With high-quality business cards like these: you’ll be able to give your brand a lasting air of professionalism, and a powerful marketing tool for all kinds of situations.

Direct mail campaigns are another grossly overlooked traditional marketing material which you should really be considering. For people who are only used to digital marketing techniques, then this might sound like a more archaic version of spam email. While I can see how this kind of assumption comes about, it’s certainly not true, especially in the context of B2B business. We’re all used to seeing the odd piece of spam in our inboxes during this digital age. A letter, on the other hand, will give your marketing a slightly more personal touch.

When you see an email from a brand you don’t recognize, no matter how great the subject line is, it’s pretty easy to move it over to the trash or spam folder. When you receive a letter though, it’s somewhat different. For many people, it doesn’t take much to tickle their curiosity and get them to open a letter. This can be true even if they already know a lot about the brand. Of course, there’s a fine art to successful mail campaigns, and you can’t just send out a lot of plain letters with your logo printed in the corner. However, when it’s executed properly, a direct mail campaign can have a huge impact on your bottom line.


Image from Flickr

These days, promotional products are among the most powerful examples of traditional marketing materials you can use. While relatively cheap, they can give your brand a potent air of professionalism, and keep bringing in business year after year. For starters, keyrings, USB sticks, or even pens like these: will give you better brand recognition. Your customers are going to see countless banner ads every day, whenever they use a web browser. However, they aren’t going to see nearly as many printed promotional items.

The cost-effectiveness of promotional products is another big reason to consider them as a marketing investment. When you take a step back, high-quality promotional items will give your business a massive bang for your buck. You make a one-off payment so you know exactly where you stand, and from there it will have a significant, lasting impact. When it’s designed and distributed in the right way, these kinds of promotional materials can also be extremely tactile. Ask any successful marketer, and they’ll tell you that the best kind of marketing materials are the ones which your customers see over and over again. You can’t underestimate the power of having your brand always in front of someone’s eyes. All you have to do is make the right choices.

If you’re running a bar, for example, give out free bottle openers that people will want to keep. If you’re running a health spa, give out appointment cards which your customers will have to keep! Aside from these, promotional items can do a little something to improve customer loyalty. We all like getting free stuff, even if it’s nothing more than a cheaply made pen!

Finally, set yourself up with a good exhibition stand. Any marketer worth their salt will testify that this is still an extremely effective way of getting your brand message out there. Although it’s a lot of work, and has no guaranteed results, getting your brand seen at exhibitions is always a good idea. Even if you don’t get a single lead from it, that first expo can be the first step in a long and profitable journey.

After nailing that first exhibition set-up, you’ll have a powerful tool which you’ll be able to use again and again at any trade show that’s worth it. Of course, you may have to tweak certain things about the way you present your company and materials. After that first trade show though, future exhibitions will become a breeze in comparison. It’s one thing to have a brief glance over a website, read a page on a company history and a couple of press releases…it’s something else entirely to speak to a person in the flesh, look at a business’s unique marketing materials, and maybe even handle its products. Of all the traditional marketing materials out there, these really stand out in terms of value.

If you thought all traditional marketing materials were relics of the past, I hope this post has turned things around. If your marketing has been a little too modern, then it’s time to change things up.


Power To The Product: Cutting Edge Tools To Give Your Startup The Marketing Edge



Does your business have the edge when it comes to marketing? Or are you still using the same methods as your peers? With the rise of digital marketing and social media, there are new, weird and wonderful ways to get your message to customers. Why use the “blog-standard” blog when you can use an app to cater directly for your customers? Social media, apps, and streaming services are the main ways in which we communicate now. So, what are the most fashionable approaches being taken by businesses in 2016? Let’s have a look.


Using Instagram To Sell Directly To Users

Twitter has been a great way to get information to people quickly and as brief as possible, but . Using Instagram is a very popular approach to advertising. How we live now thrives on visual stimulation. Instagram gives people that ability to share your life and your experiences with the world instantly. With Instagram, you can create adverts of multiple pages, or video clips lasting around 30 seconds. This is the viewing time of a typical advert. The possibilities of advertising with clips are not just relegated to the TV. So, it is time to start thinking about what impact you can make on the internet. Let your imagination fly, and put the results onto people’s’ smartphones.

Live Video Streaming

Becoming more and more popular the better the technology gets, it needs to be a key part of any marketing strategy. You need to grab the customer’s attention and then keep them engaged for more than one second. The trouble is that the attention span of people is reduced to a simple finger swipe. Have a look at live video streaming if you want a new way to present yourself. Brands have been experimenting with ways to incorporate this into their digital marketing for some time. If this is something you are looking into, having relevant IT support can help with getting this started.

Using Pinterest As A Direct Selling Tool



Another way of selling directly to users, Pinterest is a wonderful way to find out people’s interests and trends. Pinterest will introduce their new promoted pin called an Animated Cinematic pin. With this, brands will be able to target a specific person based on their interest with this animated pin. The great thing about these Cinematic pins is the fact that they are set in motion when a user scrolls. But, as the user stops scrolling, the motion stops as well. Now, the user is in control whether they want to watch the video or not. Users are now a part of the experience, which is another step forward in interactive marketing.

There are many other digital marketing trends being dreamt up every day. And with the advancement of technology, it will only snowball further. From Pay Per Click marketing to the popularity of Snapchat, to apps that you will be able to wear. Digital marketing is in a major ascendance and there is no sign of it slowing down.


We Are the Word – Share Your Business Message With the World

Getting the word out there about your brand is so important. You need to show the world how important it is, and what you can do for them. There are so many things you can do nowadays to share your message with the world. Think about how you want to get this across to people, and what you want to try to say.

Bringing your company recognition and attention is always important. You have to see to it that you are driving and promoting the brand as best you can. Lucky for you there are plenty of ways you can spread the word about your business. These are some of the most effective.

Hire a Brand Ambassador


Picture Source

If you want to do something, a little different from what your rivals are doing you should hire a brand ambassador. This is someone who is responsible for representing the company in a positive manner. They work on the image and help increase sales for the company in the best possible way. Not a lot of modern businesses will take the time to introduce an ambassador into their brand. And they will be missing out as a result of this. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to hire a brand ambassador to take your company to that next step.

Get Social


We all know the power of social media when it comes to spreading the word about business. This is the most powerful and popular form of business marketing in the world these days. Did you know that 90% of young adults today use social media actively? Now, there are so many different sites you can use. You might associate getting social with Twitter and Facebook. But, there are also things like Pinterest and Instagram to explore as well. These are really important in your quest for raising as much awareness as you can about your business.

Use Clothing

New Era brand ambassador Nina Agdal shops the new women’s MLB looks at the Locker Room by LIDS shop at Macy’s in Herald Square.

New Era brand ambassador Nina Agdal shops the new women’s MLB looks at the Locker Room by LIDS shop at Macy’s in Herald Square.


You’ve seen examples of people driving around with branding on the side of vehicles, right? Well, how about taking this to a new level, and using clothing. You could wear t-shirts with your logo or brand motto on. Or, you might decide to get branded baseball caps. If you visit you will find plenty of options for branded gear you can get for your business. Using branded clothing is a great way of getting people’s attention and gives you the chance to hand out merchandise to people if you need to.

Build up an Interest



It’s important to take the time to build up an interest in the business as much as you can. There are a lot of things you can do that will help you increase interest in your business. The best approach to take is to start off generating interest and buzz. You could do this by being mysterious and not giving too much away through your marketing. And then build up and gradually reveal more and more, by which point the public will be hooked!

Spreading the word about your business is really important. It’s how you develop a client base and generate sales. Come up with as many different ways as you can of sharing your business message with the world.