Being Confident

Sometimes, we just need to read/hear words of affirmation, especially when we are pursuing our dreams. I’m no exception; I need to hear words of affirmation, even though I have a very strong inner drive. I have the privilege of working with many people who share a like mindset, and I am constantly reminding myself to make sure they know that I support their goals and dreams. After all, I coach writers and edit their books–and writing is no easy task!

Therefore, whatever you’re dreaming of, whatever you’re working on, whatever you’re worried about… this post is for you. A bit of motivation and inspiration to stay the course and be confident. Something I read on Facebook or Pinterest (or something) yesterday:

“Be confident: Too many days are wasted comparing ourselves, our success, and where we are in life with others. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and to be successful and overcome fear, we need to accept everything we are–and aren’t–and move forward and create our own story.”

-Author unknown

Photo credit: Tamar Hela

Photo credit: Tamar Hela