Interview with Sergio López: A Quick Look at the Spanish Market

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A few weeks back, one of my friends in Spain let me write a guest post on his blog. (Click HERE to view.) I was only too happy to return the favor by interviewing him. Plus, since I am in Spain for the summer and have been immersing myself in the culture, I was eager to gain some perspective on business and marketing practices in Spain. And who better to answer my questions than a native Spaniard?

Without further ado, here is my interview with Sergio López Llobregat:

Coaching - Sergio Lopez Llobregat - Coach Ejecutivo y Profesional de AECOP


TH: What do you do for a living? What is your job here in Spain?

SL: I work as a Sales Rep in a pharmaceutical company; this is my primary job. And I try to help other professionals through Executive Coaching and through my blog.

TH: Where do you think the Spanish market/economy is now?

SL: The Spanish economy has had structural problems, and lately has remodeled its economic model. I think that the economy will grow this year; new companies have been created, and investors are regaining confidence in the Spanish market.

TH: I know Spain has “La Crisis,” but is there still growth in business and trade?

SL: Spain was growing in business and trade before “La Crisis” oriented itself, and now it is having the most important internationalization process. This is the main reason why we are growing in business and trade.  

TH: Are the numbers improving at all?

SL: Not really; we have very bad data in regards to youth unemployment, and there are no improvement expectations in that sense.

TH: What do you think is the future of business for Spain?

SL: Historically, Spain has been a country that has easily overcome even the biggest challenges. Our people’s talent, and the need for change, will produce new opportunities for our economy. Spain has now its focus in developing countries, in Latin America, where there are no language barriers, and in the Middle East, where Spanish construction and infrastructures companies have been moved.

TH: Is the manner/way of marketing in Spain comparable to the way the rest of Europe engages in marketing?

SL: Spanish marketing is now very similar to the rest of European marketing. In my opinion, most companies have the same problem, and it is this new situation which has made the marketing departments only focus on one of the four P’s: Promotion. This minimizes the possibilities of new strategies and tactics.

TH: If American companies want to market to Spain, what would they need to know? What would they need to do?

SL: Well, I think, and you know it too, that Spain is simply different, and what works in other countries doesn’t work here necessarily. One piece of advice that I would give to a foreign company is that they have to take into account that the Spanish market has special features, and it would be a good practice to hire advisors from here to help them adapt their strategies to our markets.

TH: What are your favorite business/marketing books?

SL: I have several favorite marketing books. If I had to recommend some of them, I would recommend:

The Power of Simplicity, by Jack Trout

Kotler on Marketing, by Philip Kotler

Marketing Permission, by Seth Godin

The Art of Enchantment, by Guy Kawasaky

TH: And finally, where can we follow/find you on social media?

SL: My twitter is @sergialc and my blog:

A HUGE thank you to Sergio for allowing me to interview him! Give him a follow on Twitter, and be sure to visit his blog. 🙂