Why It’s A Smart Idea To Go Paperless

We’re now well over three decades into the digital office era. And, as such, the idea of a paperless office is nothing new. But many businesses are still reliant on the printer, the photocopier, and physical documents. They have big archive rooms that cost a fortune to maintain. And the stationary bill is second only to their wage bill.

That’s a shame because it can have a profound impact on your bottom line. Obviously, there are the direct costs of using paper. But what about the impact of using paper on your brand? If you’re a company that’s going big on corporate responsibility, that doesn’t sit well with cutting down forests. And, in turn, that affects your brand negatively if your customers are keen on environmental protection.

Moving to a paperless office isn’t as difficult as many people imagine. In fact, going paperless probably costs a lot less than the system that you’re using now and will be more efficient going forward. So what can you do to ease the transition?

Dual Monitors

There’s nothing that says that a computer can only have one monitor. There’s always scope for another.



But having two monitors is super helpful when you’re trying to go paperless. With more screen real estate, colleagues are less likely to have to refer to printouts while they’re working. They can just flick between screens and have multiple tabs visible at once.

Yes, the initial capital expenditure might be significant. But given that most LCD screens will serve you for a decade, it’s an investment that will save you money in the long term.

Digitizing Paper

One of the most exciting developments in computing recently is the ability to digitize documents that you can search. Document conversion services now come with intelligent algorithms that can read printed text.



This means that you can stop using those big steel filing cabinets and shift over to a new, material-free option.

Get Paperless Bills

Paperless bills have been an option for many years. But if you’re serious about reducing the amount of paper your office uses, you’ll make the switch.

Plus making payments online tends to improve your productivity. You don’t have to make the trip to the mailbox.

Get Rid Of Paper Signing

Many firms believe that they have to physically sign legal documents. But this isn’t based on law, just on historical precedent.

These days, there are now many apps and programs that allow you to use an e-signature for relevant documents. In the US, the ESIGN Act in 2000 gave e-signatures explicit equal footing with regular, hand-signed versions.

Get Rid Of The Fax Machine

Fax machines are based entirely on the use of paper. It’s a wonder why businesses still use them, considering all the digital advances we’ve seen in the online space.



One reason is that companies worry that they won’t be able to fill out forms. But there are now services that allow you to fill out PDF forms online. And what’s more, the functionality is now rather sophisticated.

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