Cover Reveal: The Twisted Truth

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Book Title:  The Twisted Truth

Author:  Erin Armstrong

Release Date:  May 30, 2013

Genre:  Urban Fiction

Publisher:  GMTA Publishing, LLC

Presented by:  As You Wish Tours

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Michelle Marshall is a strong independent woman with a lot of baggage. Raped right before the start of her senior year of college, Michelle grows to be a caring, single mother to her daughter. Things begin to look pretty grim when the Charity House, the women’s shelter she founded, is on the brink of having to close its doors. That is, until Tyler Austin, a mysterious and handsome stranger comes into the picture. Helping Michelle resuscitate the Charity House, Ty also helps her learn to trust, love and feel what she hasn’t in years. Not everything is quite as perfect as Michelle would like though, as occasional hints lead her to believe something is not quite right. Her suspicions are confirmed when even more frightening developments occur and start to become…deadly.


Erin Armstrong graduated from Franklin High School. She currently works for Easter Seals NJ where she assists families with children who are disabled. She has been with the company for three years. With Easter Seals, her goal is to always live by their slogan which is to enable individuals with disabilities of special needs and their families to live, learn, work and play in their communities with equality, dignity, and independence.

There is no greater reward to her than being able to make a difference in these families lives.

At an early age she knew that she wanted to be a writer. Some of her first stories she wrote when she was only ten years old. It wasn’t always easy for her and she struggled to find her niche. She has written several short stories but never published any of them.  Eventually she was able to sit down and write down all of her ideas and was finally able to make her dream a reality.

Erin lives at home with husband of five years and her two boys Davien and Cameron.  She enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow every day.




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Author Interview: Eris Kelli, Author of The Piper LeVine Series

Today I have the pleasure of hosting author Eris Kelli. She writes the Piper LeVine Series. I was able to interview her to find out more about her books, writing process, and background. She actually hosted me on her blog the other week. You can check out what I wrote by clicking here. Hope you enjoy my interview with Eris!

Eris Kelli


1. Tell us a bit about yourself—what’s your background and how did you become a writer?

I come from a large family, I’m the youngest of eight. My parents are both very artistic and I guess it’s in the genes. I’ve always loved a good story and once I started telling my own I became enchanted with the possibilities it opened up. English was always my best subject and I found that if I could write for school, or for a living, it wasn’t work at all but a great time instead.

I have a great love for learning; it’s a thirst I’ll always have. My education in college is all centered in Psychology and English. Both have added to my writing in immeasurable ways. Writing is what I love to do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2. What is the genre in which you write?

I don’t like to be nailed down to any one genre and will probably try my hand at them all before I’m done. However, I have stayed pretty well within the Romance genre so far. Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth is a New Adult Paranormal Romance that I would recommend for teens through adults.

3. What is the book you recently published? What is it all about?

My book is called Piper LeVine A Gypsy’s Truth and is the first in the series. This book is about a young woman who finds out that she has a past that she never could have dreamed of. Piper must face the unimaginable threat that stalks her, and to do that she needs the help of the mysterious and knee-melting Nicholas, who from the start proves untrustworthy. The Gypsies have the answers that could save her from these monsters of myth that seek her. Piper will find her own identity and discover what she’s made of.

4. Have you published or written any other works?

I have a short story coming out in May of this year entitled Lost. It is my contribution to an anthology entitled, Misery Loves Company.

I have finished the second book in the Piper LeVine series, Piper LeVine and the Path of Betrayal, and it is due to come out in June of this year.

I have several more projects in the works, so be on the lookout for those!

5. Name your top three favorite characters you’ve made up and explain why they’re your favorites.

Piper LeVine is my number one favorite right now. She is a strong young woman who has people from two different worlds telling her and expecting her to be what they believe she should be and they aren’t necessarily wrong. What I love about Piper is that she is who she is and won’t change her identity for anyone. This causes a lot of problems for her and she doesn’t do it to be stuck up. Piper knows deep down who she is and from this place she never waivers and you can’t help but love her for it.

The Doctor is from one of my books that I wrote five years ago and he I love because he was the funniest character. The poor guy had a spell on him and it drove him into the worst situations! He was still himself though so he’d be all freaked out, sweaty, and saying, “I don’t know why I’ve come back, but here I am. Let’s have it.” What a good sport!

Alison MacGregor is one of my all time favorites. She is a fiery, passionate young woman who doesn’t take no for an answer and isn’t afraid to lay everything out on the line. She’s got some serious guts combined with an endearing innocence. Alison is fiercely loyal and brave.

6. Do you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

Yes, I do get writers block and it isn’t pretty, LOL! When I get it, I have to fight my way out of it because not writing isn’t an option for me. I mull over the point where I’m stuck and talk about it incessantly, (my poor sweet husband is so patient) I dream about it, and I discuss it. If I still can’t break through, I research and if I still can’t climb the block, I write anyway. Sometimes I have to go back and rewrite that entry where I was blocked, but it just can’t stop me. I have to write :D.

7. How long did it take to finish your first novel? 

My first novel (a major learning experience) took me seven months to write and was entitled Waiting in the Rain. I was so proud to have finally finished one of my novels!

8. What were the challenges you faced when getting your first book published?

How to go about it was the toughest choice. I had to weigh out self-publishing vs. going through a publishing company. I researched and got a lot of advice from author friends of mine. I went with Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing and am happy with my choice.

9. How do you market your work? What avenues have you found that work best for your genre?

Anyway that you can get the word out there about your book is worth doing. The best way is word of mouth. If someone loves your work they are going to tell their friends and their friends will spread the word if they love it too. Do blog tours, hold contests, do signings, and accept invitations to talk about writing.

10. What does your writing process “look” like?

I’m not very traditional in the way I go about writing. I don’t plan out exactly what is going to happen in a neat well thought out outline.

My process looks more like this:

I discover a character and then introduce them in my mind to different situations. When I find I’m intrigued by the possibilities, I begin to write and go with these characters on their adventure. Often times I have bullet points of where I want to end up and I love it when my characters surprise me on how we will arrive!

11. What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working hard on the third book in the Piper LeVine series. I’ve also got another book coming up to the bat which is almost finished with my own editing process involving the character Alison MacGregor, I mentioned earlier. On top of that, I have a few novels I wrote a couple years ago that I want to polish up and get out there, too. So potentially a lot will be available soon!

12.  What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

The toughest criticism I’ve gone through as an author had to be the refusal of a criticism. When you get a query letter back in the mail with just a big red, “NO” on it, it’s like you just got spit on.

If you are going to offer a criticism or negative feedback, it’s pointless and rude if it doesn’t give the author anything to work with.

13. What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

If you love it, keep writing! Don’t write because you want to be rich. Write because it enriches your soul. That way it won’t matter if someone likes or dislikes your writing. It will not make or break you. In this way you will surely become a success because if you continue to try your chances to achieve what you want can only go up as you continue to learn, improve, and refine your skills.

14. When can we expect to see another publication of your work?

My short story, Lost, contributed to the anthology Misery Loves Company is due to come out in May of this year. Piper LeVine and the Path of Betrayal will be released in June.

15. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans and readers?

Thank you so much for your support and loyalty! When I hear from you, nothing warms my heart more or gets my muse more fired up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

16. What’s a cool (or nerdy) fact about you that you’ll share with us?

I say corny sayings and quotes to myself and others when a situation suits it. “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin. “Never look down on anyone unless you’re helping them up.” Jesse Jackson.  I have tons more, LOL!

17. Finally, how can we find you? What are your social media sites and where can we purchase your book(s)? 

My books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

You can reach me on Facebook at:!/eris.kelli



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PLV Eris Kelli

About the book: Piper LeVine is the daughter of wealthy Senator, Harold and Katrine, or so she thought. When a stranger arrives in the night and throws her identity into question, Piper must uncover the secrets of her true origin.

Treacherous demons from a past she never knew she had are coming for her and only the Gypsies know how to deal with the monsters of myth.

Nicholas proves less than truthful from the get-go, but who can she hold onto amongst a sea of mystic if not hostile strangers? He is dangerous, captivating, and the only one who she knows that will stand against the creatures of the dark that seek her.

In search for the truth Piper will find more than her identity. She will discover her destiny, what she is made of, and the family that determines her fate.

Author Bio:

Eris Kelli grew up in the Pacific Northwest as the youngest of eight children. Her writing is fueled by her love of adventure, learning and her drive to explore an idea. She now resides in Midwest America, with her husband, 2 beautiful children, and happy old dog. Currently she is fast at work on the third book in the Piper LeVine Series.

Special Guest: Alan S. Blood

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Alan S. Blood, author of Once Upon a Castle. Below is information about his book, as well as some background information on the author himself. Hope you’ll check out his book. Enjoy!

Capturing the Castle (How “Once Upon a Castle” was born)

On a bitterly cold, November afternoon, I found myself stranded near Bamburgh Castle on the wild Northumberland coast whilst the local, old fashioned garage, with tall petrol pumps, repaired my broken-down car.

The delicate, somewhat bright, late autumn sunlight created an eerie, pastel coloured scene, albeit tempered by a biting breeze, yet quite magical, certainly ancient, and almost ethereal.

Vikings have landed here,’ I told myself scanning the unique white beaches below the hazy castle ramparts. It was one of those strange experiences that triggered the imagination and I could see a Scandinavian longship coming ashore, disgorging horned-helmeted warriors seizing the beach before storming inland to ravage the sparse Saxon populace. I could feel that there was a tale to be told.

With the genesis of a story in my mind, I conducted research into Northumbrian castles and was intrigued to discover there was another ruined castle along the coast. This gave me a plot basis involving two castles, one of which was real and the other a phantom! Ideas built as I thought this was an area to where children were evacuated during World War II.

Things shaped towards an exciting novel for young adolescents involving twelve-year-old twins, Tom and Mary (to appeal to both sexes) who dread being sent from southern England to Aunt Victoria’s Northumberland farm. Yet she proves to be young, and fun, until lessons are arranged with a terrible private tutor, Miss Urquart. Their London Uncle Toby had said: “There will be castles to explore with ghosts and things.”

Teenage rebelliousness ensues as the twins escape and riotous, scary adventures involving castles, Vikings and even the Royal Navy begin.

“Once Upon a Castle” is republished by USA publisher GMTA Publishing under their imprint, Mythos Press.


Synopsis: Uncle Toby had said that there would be castles to explore, with ghosts and things. This helps to cheer up the glum twelve-year old Lovell twins, Tom and Mary, leaving their schools and loving parents to be evacuated to wild Northumbria during World War II. Then the adventure begins.

They live with their Aunt Victoria and Uncle Leslie, meet the loveable ‘Mrs M’, a strange dog called ‘Scamp’ and, worst, the terrible private tutor, Miss Urquart, from whom they run away to find a mysterious castle seen through an old telescope.

Now they are drawn into bizarre supernatural events of a time-warp between the war itself and ancient warfare. They encounter dark forces, as the story twists and turns, and are even rescued by the Royal Navy. Yet, this is only the beginning of more unexpected tragedies before the twins begin to escape from it all.

About Alan S. Blood


Alan S. Blood worked in the British Civil Service, Advertising and journalism (edited three publications) before qualifying as a Teacher from the University of Reading, England. He enjoyed a long, distinguished career in the Teaching Profession, in both Primary and Secondary levels of education, in several parts of the UK – which eventually led to Senior Management. His main subject area was English and, at one time, he was Head of English and Drama. Throughout, he gained considerable knowledge of literature that children and adolescents enjoy.

Alan now devotes his time to writing novels, plays, screenplays and poetry. He won top award in the ‘Hastings International Poetry Festival’ (2003) with his controversial ‘litter’ poem ‘CONTRITE CAN CANNOT’. The paranormal genre features in much of his prose work.

ONCE UPON A CASTLE is a ghost story written for young people (but also enjoyed by adults) set in World War 11. It concerns both a real and a phantom castle based upon Alan’s experience of strange castles on the wild Northumbrian coast of England on cold, dark wintry afternoon.

Alan Blood has widely travelled the world and undertook research in Chile where some of his supernatural crime thriller ‘CRY OF THE MACHI A Suffolk Murder Mystery’ is set. He was previously a Cotswold Morris Dancer and the novel is a conflict between the forces of good and evil linking a Chilean ‘Machi’ and ‘organised crime’ to murders in a Suffolk Morris Men side.

Alan enjoys wildlife photography in the Welsh countryside, painting and scraperboard engraving. He lives in a Victorian (1873) house below the Cambrian Mountains of Mid-Wales.

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