Teaser Tuesday!

Hello, lovely readers!

Thought it’d be fun to post a teaser of my work-in-progress: The Wrong Fairy Tale (book 2 of the Spirit Lake Series). I’m closer to finishing the first draft, and should have a release date to announce very soon. Hooray! Happy Tuesday, and enjoy this (unedited) snippet:

From a scene between Geoffrey and Alex; Geoffrey’s POV

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You,” she said, shaking her head. “Ben’s pretty protective over me, but I’m sure you already know that. He’s just a good friend, that’s all. And I’m not surprised at your response to him. I would’ve paid to see that conversation. But what’s done is done. Tomorrow’s a new day, and Ethalo is going to teach us how to fight properly. Just duke it out with Ben or something, and then become friends—like all you boys do.” She put her arm through mine. “You and I both have tempers that fly without warning, huh?”

I smiled as we continued walking towards our tent area. “I guess we do,” I agreed. “But you have more control than I. And you’re way nicer.”

“Why, thank you, Geoffrey. That’s probably the nicest comment you’ve made to me today. Except for the whole, ‘I care about you’ thing. Did you really mean that?” she asked when we got to the top of the stairs.

“Yeah,” I whispered. We had stopped walking and were standing in the middle of the common area.

“Good,” she whispered back. “Maybe you can take my KP duties for the rest of our time here, then,” she said while squeezing my arm.

“Hey, that’s not what I meant when I said I cared,” I argued, a little too loudly. But she was already walking away into the girls’ section. I stared after her until she disappeared and shook my head. Chicks were so confusing.

Hope you liked that! And don’t forget–I’ve created some Spirit Lake Series boards on Pinterest, if you’d like to see what I use as visual inspiration.

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For reference, The Wrong Fairy Tale takes place in the Alfaran Forest.

Teaser Tuesday: The Wrong Fairytale

Happy Teaser Tuesday, readers!

Thought I’d share a snippet from my current work-in-progress, The Wrong Fairytale (book 2 in the Spirit Lake Series). This book is due out in December, if all goes well, and I can’t wait to reveal it to the world! For the time being, hope you enjoy this sample:

We, along with our guide, hiked through the beautifully eerie forest. The sunlight was barely visible through the thickness of the trees, and soft but strange noises were beginning to grow in volume. It creeped me out.

Alex’s arm draped around my shoulders, and her head bumped slightly against my chest with every step I took. She murmured unintelligible jargon but never opened her eyes; her body felt like it was on fire from within, even though her clothes were cold and wet. It made me worry even more and I said as much to the alien dude, but he only told us to press on.

“Geoff, do you need me to carry her?” Daniel quickened his pace to keep in step with me. “You look exhausted.”

“No,” I shook my head, pressing my lips into a thin line. “I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”

In my irritation, I cut him off abruptly. “I said I was good.”

I let my guilty conscience ignite my chronic anger, allowing tension to roll from my body. It actually fueled my adrenaline while carrying Alex. Daniel could probably sense the vibe I gave off and instinctively stepped back. I knew he was trying to be nice, but I didn’t deserve nice. If only they knew how reckless I was with her before we came here, they’d kill me—especially Ben. I sighed inaudibly and tried to bounce my body in order to readjust Alex in my arms. It made her open her eyes and she looked at me with confusion.

“Geoffrey?” she slurred, her eyelids fluttering like hairy butterflies. But before I could answer, she closed her eyes again and tightened her grip on my body, her hand wrapping around my exposed neck. The heat from her hand nearly caused me to jump, but I managed to keep my balance.

“Hang in there, Alex. Hang in there,” I whispered close to her ear.

Below is a concept drawing of my beloved Geoffrey, one of my favorite characters from the series. Special thanks to my artist, “Cheryl Smith,” who drew this. 🙂

Geoffrey Mitchell by Cheryl Smith

Geoffrey Mitchell by Cheryl Smith