If You Work With Computers, It Is Inevitable That Something Will Go Wrong

Businesses are now utterly reliant on their computer systems and software working flawlessly. But there’s a slight problem: computer systems don’t work flawlessly. In fact, around seventy-five percent of IT technician’s time is spent fixing computer issues.

As a startup, you don’t want your enterprise to go under if your computer systems fail. So what can you do to make sure that you fix problems before they interrupt your operations? Let’s take a look.



Your Business’s Computers Are Slow

Slow computers cost companies thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity. Workers sitting in front of computers for hours on end is hardly the best use of their time. But what can you do about a slow computer?

Could it be because it’s old? The answer to that question is “maybe.” If your computer is old, you could potentially have an issue with your hard drive. Hard drives have mechanical moving parts. And, over time, these parts wear out and get less efficient. If one day it’s suddenly taking your applications fifty percent longer to load, there’s a good chance that your hard drive is starting to fail. Swap it out for a faster SSD and see if it makes any improvement. If the problem was the hard disk, you’ll notice a sudden improvement in speed.

Of course, it could be a whole raft of other problems. Corrupt registry keys, spyware, malware and fragmented data can all take their toll. There are products on the market that will correct corrupt registries and defrag your hard drive for free. Search for them, download them and see if they have any bearing on the speed of your systems.

You Lost Data

Losing data is one of the most damaging things that can happen to business. Data is needed for everything, from staying in contact with customers to getting ahead of the competition. Without data, companies are flying blind.


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Losing data is all too easy. That hard drive you were worried was failing? It can eventually fail entirely, preventing you from accessing data altogether.

Or can it? The good news is that data recovery isn’t impossible. If a drive on a laptop or a computer has died, the data contained on that drive can usually be brought back to life by experts. Usually, there’s nothing you can do yourself to recover data from a drive that has died. But data recovery experts should be able to recover data in all but the most extreme cases.

Your Wireless Network Keeps Cutting Out

There’s nothing more annoying for a business than an unstable wireless network. Like a slow or dying hard drive, it leeches productivity from your employees. An unstable wireless network can be caused by a whole raft of things. Stray radio waves can cause interruptions to the signal. So too can issues with the router’s location.

One of the biggest issues is cordless phones. If you use cordless phones in your office, consider changing the settings on your router or moving it to a different location.