Divergent: A Book Review

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could NOT put down this book. Finished in two days. It was fast paced, well written, and believable. I like that there is danger, violence, and strength. Dystopian pieces are hard to do well, but Ms. Roth nailed it. I don’t give 5 stars lightly. Great romance, drama, and anticipation. I highly recommend this book.

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The above is my brief review on Goodreads of the book Divergent, by the talented Veronica Roth. Here is a more in depth review:

This book has everything I look for in literature…great pacing, adventure, suspense, action, romance (that’s not cheesy), and a sense of hope no matter how dark the plot becomes. In this story, the main character, Tris, must decide what faction to belong to. This is a tradition and necessary rite of passage in her society. Every teen who is sixteen years of age must choose to either stay with their “home” faction, or choose another–another that will be their place of belonging for the rest of their lives. The five factions, Candor, Amity, Dauntless, Abnegation, and Erudite are the only factions in dystopian Chicago. Tris, formally known as Beatrice, is from Abnegation, a faction that values selflessness above all else.

As the story progresses, Tris changes her mindset while figuring out how to belong–belonging being something that every faction member desires. She makes friends and enemies and faces many fears. As she faces danger, she must look deep inside and find the person she wants to be. Through every chapter and scene, Divergent is a book that is hard to put down and will keep you on your toes at all times.

So…what are you waiting for? If you like YA and Dystopian novels–or books in general–give this book a try. I can’t wait to read the next one!

Book Review: The $100 Startup

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

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Hey all, Happy Friday 🙂  Just a quick little post with a book review of a recent read. Haven’t done one of these in a while, so it’s about time. Enjoy!

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book and could barely put it down. I even took notes! I must say that I am confused in regards to those who gave this book a low rating and said things like “I expected more out of this book/author–I don’t feel that the case studies helped to actually tell someone how to start a business”. Seriously?!

If you have ANY clue about business, this book is a HUGE help and gives great insight from the author’s personal experiences, as well as varied case studies. Other than the author coming to hold your hand and dictate every step to starting a new business, this book gives enough–more than enough–information to help someone pursue their dreams of being their own boss.

Reading each story was very inspiring and gave me so many ideas as to how to start my own (my 3rd) business and make it work long term. To anyone wanting to start a business, I highly recommend this book. Two thumbs up!

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Book Review: Treasure Me by Christine Nolfi

This month marks the beginning of many guests on my blog. Today, I am honored to give a review for the book Treasure Me by the talented Christine Nolfi.

Treasure Me is a contemporary fiction novel that has all the right amounts of adventure, suspense, romance, and humor. Birdie, the main character, is a small time thief, trying to find a hidden treasure in Liberty, Ohio. The man who drives her crazy, Hugh, is a reporter on his last thread, completely addicted to the pursuit of women. The small town of Liberty holds many surprises for the two visitors, even in their initial meeting. As Birdie tries to uncover clues that could lead her to a potential, life-changing fortune, Hugh has a hidden agenda to unearth “dirt” from some townspeople. As Hugh and Birdie continue on their searches, their paths cross and they find it hard to stay away from the temptation of attraction. Will they stay on track, or will they completely detour and turn their lives and the entire town upside down?

I really enjoyed this short read. There was definitely a good amount of action, balanced with the appropriate amount of dialogue and background information. Some parts led to places that I predicted; other parts took me by surprise. The story itself was well paced and the writing was clear and concise. Birdie and Hugh are just some of the enjoyable and interesting characters throughout the story, and the resolve to conflict is exactly what I hoped for. The story takes place around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, so it’s a great read for this season especially. Overall, I give the book 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to readers looking for something with depth, humor, and romance.

If you’d like to learn more about the writer, Christine Nolfi, check out her interview by clicking here.

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