A More Successful Blog Means Treating It Like A Business


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If you have a blog, but you want to make more of it, then there are some essential things you need to consider. The fact is, you can only get so far with your blog as long as you are thinking of it as ‘just a blog’. If you are looking for real, ongoing success, you need to instead think of it as more like a business.

Being business-minded with your blog means that you are more likely to see it become more and more successful – and what blogger doesn’t want that? Still, it is a good idea to take a look at the various things that you should consider.

If you are looking for ways to get your blog to be more popular and successful, then take a look at the following. Here are some essential aspects to bear in mind:


Ultimately, planning is one of the most difficult aspect of all – and one of the most important. With proper planning, it is much more likely that your blog business will flourish. If you do not plan, then you can’t be sure of where you intend to go. And from that, it is clear that your business is much less likely to enjoy the kind of success you hope for it.

When it comes to planning a blog, there is plenty to take on board to ensure you get it right. The most important thing here is that your plan is as detailed as possible. This is the key: detailed, clear steps towards ambitious, yet achievable, goals. Take a look at your blog as it currently stands. Chances are, you have a good groundwork to work form, but you need more substance. Or you could do with more followers.

If your blog is following a certain niche or topic, then look for other blogs in that same vein. Connect with them – but lay out how you are going to connect, and when.


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If you set yourself small goals along the way, you will find that you get a lot more done. You will also have a fuller sense of ongoing achievement – and this is important to keep you going. Another important part of planning is making preparations for the chance of anything going wrong. If other parts of your plan don’t work out, you need to know what you can do about that to improve the situation.

You might also find that mind-mapping is a great way to envisage the future of your blog. From this, you can then work out the logical steps towards achieving what you want to achieve. Take this stage seriously, and work at it diligently, and you will probably come away feeling ready and able to expand your blogging business into greater and greater success.


One of the most important parts of running a business is the branding, and this will be the same for your business too. When you are thinking about branding a blog, it is actually relatively straightforward to get it right. A brand needs to be a powerful, fix-all reminder of what your business stands for.

If you have developed a certain ‘voice’ or writing style which goes along with a specific personality, then this is essentially your brand. Work with this, and try to expand it into something a bit more concrete. Then it is just a matter of ensuring that you have real consistency with it. This means going through every bit of output and seeing whether it is brand-loyal. Even small details like the color of your header, and the design of the sites’ layout, need to come into consideration here.

When you send emails, does your signature give you away, or is it loyal to the brand? What about your comments style? You need to think about all of this if you are to get the branding right. With proper branding, your blog is much more likely to draw in greater and greater numbers of readers from all over the world. The point is: find a way of relating to people, and stick to it fully.


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All businesses need protecting from various threats which abound in the real world. You need to make sure you are doing everything in your power to protect your blogging business against such threats. As a blogger, one of your main concerns here is going to be the theft of your intellectual property. It is vital that you do everything you possibly can to protect your information and your content. Remember: as soon as you publish it, even online, it is legally your intellectual property.

If you see your work posted elsewhere, then you might be wondering what you can do. The truth is, you can actually take legal action against those people if you find your own work to have been stolen. A dmca service can help you to force them to take the stolen material down. This will often solve the issue, but first of all ask them and make sure it is just a genuine mistake. You need to protect your ideas and your writing if you are going to take your blog seriously as a business.


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There is often the unconscious assumption that you can’t possibly take on any help. Something about the nature of blogging seems to suggest that it is to be done alone. However, this is nonsense. In fact, treating it as a business means that you should feel perfectly able to hire some help for your blog.

This can come in many forms, depending on what it is you need help with. Take a look at the idea of the human cloud to get you started here. This is the process of hiring virtual assistants and the like online. With this particularly new and unique form of outsourcing, you can pend much more of your time on the actual writing of the content, and less on the maintenance and admin of looking after the site. This alone could make all the difference.

What Do Fictional Characters Eat?

Hello, lovely readers!

I wanted to share a quick post with you all. Last week, I had the privilege of being a guest blogger over at “But What Are They Eating?” by Shelley Workinger. In the post, I talk about food in literature, and then address the food I made up in my own book, The Wrong Fairy Tale. This was a very different post for me—one that I’d never even thought about doing before—which made it all the more fun.

Take a look at my post by clicking HERE, and be sure to give Shelley’s blog some love. Hope you enjoy the post. 🙂


Until next time, happy reading and happy eating!


Never Say Never & Other Updates

Hey, lovely readers.

I took quite a hiatus from blogging, and rather than feeling bad about it, I allowed myself to enjoy the break and get my act together with all that’s going on in my life. But I’m back now and thought I’d start with some updates.

Since we last connected, my most recent post was about planning a book launch party. The full, detailed post is actually at JamiGold.com, which was such a privilege and pleasure for me to be on. Jami’s blog is amazing and well-read, so talk about great exposure!

Next, this summer, I did many things I never thought I’d do:

  • I taught craft classes to both children and adults at Jo~Ann Fabric & Crafts (tie-dye was the most popular class, but cross stitch was my favorite to teach)

  • I read so many books, I surpassed 160 (since January) last week

    Does NOT include books I've edited this year that are yet to be released. :)

    Does NOT include books I’ve edited this year that are yet to be released. 🙂


  • I took a sewing class and made a blouse

  • I took a crochet class and made a blanket

  • I “attended” more informational webinars than ever before and can’t wait to share my new knowledge with my clients

  • I started a college internship program for the Print Division at Cosby Media Productions

  • One of my Pinterest boards became a recommended board in its category in the mass emails sent to Pinterest users (blog post on this later) Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 23.10.12

  • I finished editing book #30 of my editing career in July (!!!) (blog post on this later as well)

  • I began turning down new projects and decided that I’d take a break from new clients until 2016 because I’m THAT busy and loaded up with manuscripts AND teaching for the next several months. A difficult but good decision.

  • I decided to stop wearing myself down and scale back on my freelancing business. It’s not something that’s viable for this particular season of my life. I didn’t know what I was going to do…until I accepted a full-time teaching job over the summer. I am now teaching full-time again, after a three-year break. And it’s a good thing. 🙂

I believe I had said something like, “I’ll never go back to teaching,” but I’m learning to never say never. Truly. Because every time I say that, it happens! Ha! This will be my twelfth year education, and I’m already enjoying it and loving my students.

So, yes. Many things going on, to say the least. I’m beginning to catch up with everything and am so grateful that I’m (usually) a very organized person. My itch to bring order to chaos in most things is paying off big time right now as I juggle a more-than-full schedule. If you saw my calendar, you’d probably cringe. But I’m happy, I’m busy (in a good way), I’m doing what I love, and I’m managing to problem solve pretty quickly.

This month, I turn 31, so that’s something to look forward to as well. I’ll actually be IN my 30’s, though I’m still trying to figure out this whole “adult” thing. Why weren’t we given manuals for this stuff when we were born?


Next up, once I get a handle on everything, I’ll be bringing you some awesome blog posts. I also can’t wait to get back into a regular writing routine and finish up some projects I’ve been working on over the summer. Before we blink twice, NaNoWriMo will be here, and I’d like to work on something totally new in November. We’ll see if I can finish three manuscripts before then.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and holiday weekend (for my U.S. peeps). Until next time, read a good book!

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Current reading stack…


How to Plan a Book Launch Party

Today, I’m privileged to be featured on JamiGold.com, talking about book launch parties: online and offline. I just hosted an online book launch party this week, so talk about good timing! I’ve also had an offline book launch, so I was able to share tips and tricks from personal experience. Hope you guys will give it a read by clicking HERE.

There are FREE, downloadable checklists in the post. I also have a link to my 2012 book launch party gallery, but you can check it out by clicking HERE.

Huge THANK YOU to Jami Gold for hosting me; she is amazing and runs a pretty popular blog, so I feel like I’ve won the lottery just by being on her blog. Check out her other posts and peruse her website. There’s so much good stuff on there, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store.

Again, you can check out my post by clicking HERE.

Have a great rest of your week, all! ❤

You Are In Control

I have something to confess. I’ve been struggling a lot this year. Creatively, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Those are a lot of areas to struggle with, huh? And you know what? I know why I’ve been struggling.

I forgot that I AM IN CONTROL.

It’s easy to do, even though it sounds like something stupid. And I’m willing to bet lots of you have done the same—or are even in the same boat RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes, we can become so wrapped up in our routines and the day-to-day stuff, that we forget to live our lives with meaning. We forget to infuse our activities with intention, and then we get dragged down by the mundane and feel like we aren’t being effective. We feel like we have nothing to offer others, much less ourselves, and we keep sinking further and further down until, one day, we wake up and ask: “How the hell did I wind up here?”

I know, because that’s been me.

And while everyone thinks you’re making progress—which, perhaps you are—you really aren’t. Not at the level you desire and are capable of, anyways. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living or what you’re passionate about… You can be a writer, artist, businessperson, parent, educator, server, or flight attendant. If you’re not able to give 100% and feel like you did something meaningful at the end of the day, it feels like nothing matters. But, you know what?


You do. You really do. I matter, you matter, we ALL matter. And I want to share with you how I’m getting out of my funk and writing more than ever while being productive in other areas of my life. It’s simple and complicated all at the same time.


I control what I read, what I do with each minute of my day, what messages I choose to listen to (positive or negative), who I work with, and what I write and create. It’s the simplest thing, really, yet it can be daunting to realize the responsibility we have to ourselves. Especially when it feels like everything else is out of control.

I’ve been reading—a ton—and have become quite selective with the kinds of messages I put into my brain. I now have narrowed down my reading list and email subscriptions to only those that will give me insight into what I do and create, while propelling my vision forward. I have been making small changes to benefit my health, taking baby steps each week. I have been more intentional about the precious relationships I have with others—relationships that are mutually beneficial, that give me energy from every interaction.

Am I going to become superwoman overnight? No. But am I going to slowly and intentionally gather all the fuel I need to become a better writer, friend, daughter, sister, and influencer? Yes. Absolutely yes.

So, if you’re feeling like you’ve been in a funk too, here’s an action step I want you to take. Take a note card or a post-it and write this: I AM IN CONTROL. Put it somewhere you’ll see every day. And make it a mantra. Make it an intention. Make it an affirmation.


Remind yourself that you are in control of yourself. You are responsible for YOUrself. Sure, we can’t control others and we certainly can’t control many other things in this life, but that’s not what we’re supposed to do anyways! When we realize that we have the power to change ourselves to be better—to give more and feel fulfilled—it makes a huge difference in how you live your life and how you look at others.

The change starts with us. The change starts with YOU.

I think this is just such an important reminder for all of us, but especially for artists. It’s so easy for us to put our work first—along with everything else—that we forget to take care of ourselves.

So, march forward, my friends. You are in control of yourself, and you have the power to make the changes in your life that you need to, in order to have meaning in all that you do. I’m right here, alongside you, doing the very same.

We all have something unique to share with the world. We are enough, just as we are. And we matter.