Rates & Terms: Businesses

Rates and terms are typically negotiable. The rates listed on this page are based on the current freelance rates as provided by the Editorial Freelancers Association


Proofreading: $30 per hour

Editing, basic copy-editing: $55 per hour

Editing, heavy copy-editing: $65 per hour*

Editing, website copy-editing: $60 per hour*

Editing, substantive or line: $65 per hour*

Content creation: $60 per hour*

Writing, basic or non-specified: $50 an hour

Writing, resume: $60, flat rate

Writing, resume copy-editing: $45, flat rate

Business or Social Media Consulting: $60 per hour

*Large projects may be eligible for a price break or special package rate, depending on the estimated time to finish the job.


ALL QUOTES ARE FREE. For first time clients, a signed contract or letter of agreement plus 25% of the project/job price are due before work begins, unless otherwise specified. 

Here’s a breakdown of the process:

1. Contact me!

2. I figure out your needs and the scope of the request.

3. We sign a contract or a letter of agreement, and ascertain payment terms.

4. I do all the hard work so you can focus on more important things.

5. I deliver the project ON TIME and as perfect as humanly possible.

6. You review the work and give me a thumbs up.

7. You tell all your colleagues and other businesses how awesome I am and send them my way!

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