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huawei nova 5t review

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Like other Huawei phones, the Nova 5T runs on EMUI 9, the Huawei flavored version of Android 9, which remains a good operating system. Wow you're still on 9.1? Instead, you get a capacitive sensor like the Samsung Galaxy S10e. It’s the typical story with so-called “bloatware” — if you’re a brand fanatic, you’ll like it, otherwise you’ll just see them as taking up precious home screen space and quickly stuff them all in a folder and never use them again (and no, you can’t delete them). Our test unit was still delivered with Android 9. Huawei Nova 5T review: Performance and battery life. The sensor can be pressed and also serves as the standby key. The IPS LCD panel is the most glaring indicator of the Nova 5T’s modest price tag. It packs in a lot of high-end features for its modest price tag, but Huawei has cut corners to make that happen. I studied computer science and followed the development of the phone into a smartphone for many years. Photos taken on the Huawei Nova 5T's camera are captured at 12MP by default, despite the fact the camera phone features a 48MP primary camera. And because it still has Google Apps and the Play Store available, it’s a phone suitable for anyone, not just Huawei diehards who are willing to get the company’s products at any cost.
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IRK SL, 04 Oct 2020Is nova 5T stoped manufacturing?,please tell me someone Yes they did. The quality of the voice transfer is good in both directions. Still, it’s one less port to worry about and cover in case of exposure to water since the Nova 5T is not water-resistant. Under controlled light conditions, we also evaluate the sharpness and detail levels. leia, 01 Oct 2020I'm stuck between real me 6 and Huawei nova 5t. This is advantageous for recordings with little light, but in the portrait of the teddy bear. There’s also no dark-mode on LCD screens for battery efficiency but you can manually lower the resolution under the Display settings to reduce battery drain. Huawei's Nova 5T is a very good phone with some standout features for the price. If PWM was detected, an average of 17567 (minimum: 5 - maximum: 2500000) Hz was measured. The front camera is unobtrusive, only needing a small round inset in the display.

Given the amount of tech and features it offers, the Nova 5T does seem like a bargain against high-end rivals like the Huawei P30 Pro. If you’ve seen the front of the Honor 20 Pro, you’ve basically seen the front of the Nova 5T. Você pode ativar o modo desempenho que força o Kirin 980 ao máximo. With EMUI, you get Huawei ID and the accompanying ecosystem of apps like the Huawei App Gallery (not much good for users outside China) and its own crop of basic apps like music player, web browser, email, file browser, notes, calendar and health tracking. If you’re in the US, you’ll have to import the Nova 5T if you want this Huawei model. This bridge is far brighter in the Nova’s image than it is in the Google Pixel 3a’s, but the brightness costs color saturation, which makes the picture taken by the Pixel 3a preferable in a key area for some photographers. Qualcomm's mid-range SoC in the Galaxy A80 and the Pixel 3a is unable to keep up with it. This is advantageous for recordings with little light, but in the portrait of the teddy bear, it leads to washed out spots in the fur. Add a large 3750mAh battery complete with supercharging tech that loads up the Nova 5T by around 50% in 30 minutes of charge time to the mix, and it's looking good so far. SIM tool, and technical documents, there are also a h. dapter for a headset with a standard 3.5-mm audio plug. As for the side-mounted fingerprint scanner, this isn't as futuristic as the under-display scanner of the Oppo Reno 2. Huawei nova 5T user opinions and reviews. While still capable, the Nova 5T’s display falls short of the vibrant and punchy OLED & AMOLED panels found in slightly higher priced phones. A macro tem apenas 2 MP de resolução, então não espere fotos com detalhes impressionantes. The sale ended so I decided to visit a physical store and I was told only selected stores still have this phone since this was phased out earlier this year due to the new series they released. The Huawei Nova 5T has a quad-camera setup at the back like a lot of smartphones these days. It comes at a time when most top brands, including Huawei, are just done launching their top-specced flagships. The 5T’s macro lens is far too finicky for quick and easy photography while its selfie camera will divide opinions. Maybe Huawei made a mistake selling this phone for low budget. Ele pode não ser rápido como o iPhone 11 ou ter a câmera do Note 10 Plus, mas estes são celulares bem mais caros. There's no headphone jack, and neither is there a microSD card slot, though the 128GB storage should suffice for most.

A lens on top with a short focal distance allows you to take wide-angle shots. Thanks to the US government’s blacklist, the Chinese phone giant can no longer use Google Mobile Services, disabling some of the most defining software elements from Huawei’s handsets. O brilho é só mediano, mas o nível de contraste é bom. E se você procura por entrada para fones de ouvido, vai ficar decepcionado com o Nova 5T.

É nesse ponto que você esquece que o Nova 5T é um flagship. Related: Huawei Nova 5T Gaming Review . This sounds a little old-fashioned, but in an inspired move, the Nova 5T has placed this sensor on the phone’s lock button and located it where you’d expect on a modern phone — midway up the right edge of the 5T. O foco poderia ser mais ágil, ficando ainda mais lerdo à noite. À noite, você terá fotos mais escuras com essa câmera e quantidade superior de ruídos. These phones are identical, from the thick bottom bezel to the punch-hole selfie camera in the top left corner of the display. Mat, 04 Oct 2020What about battery & Camera performance ?I don't give a much about camera, anyway its good. Android app You can still find thin bezels around the screen except for the wide chin on the bottom that sticks out. Video is shot at up to 4K, 30fps, and is stabilized electronically at up to full resolution - something you don't always see in midrangers.

O Nova 5T tem preço justo de lançamento e oferece um bom conjunto. Em seu interior você encontrará: Diferente de Samsung que vem apostando em celulares caros com acabamento de plástico, ou “Glasstic” com chama a coreana, o Nova 5T tem corpo de alumínio com traseira em vidro. The phone's cameras may not include a telephoto lens, so it won't be quite as capable as some of the competition for concerts, for example, however, its lowlight capabilities are about as good as you're going to get for under £400. (±) | speaker loudness is average but good (81.1 dB)Bass 100 - 315 Hz(-) | nearly no bass - on average 20.8% lower than median(±) | linearity of bass is average (13% delta to prev. When you go into the Nova’s camera app, you’ll see at the bottom the more common buttons that swap between standard, wide and telephoto camera modes. Huawei uses its own phone interface with additional features such as quick-dial and voice control.

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As for the maximum shutter time, it's 30 seconds, so if you find a steady surface, you can capture impressive night sky shots. Home With good looks, quad camera prowess and solid performance, the Nova 5T represents great value for a smartphone in 2019. For me, EMUI 10.1 feels so much better specially due to the chan... moreMobile legend overheat in low setting and framedrop during clash 10. Há modo noturno que ajuda a enxergar melhor em troca de excesso de ruídos. Unless you’re a smartphone power user, 3,750 mAH of battery capacity plus 22.5W fast charging will make sure you don’t lack for battery life. I'm stuck between real me 6 and Huawei nova 5t. Under controlled light conditions, we also evaluate the sharpness and detail levels. É isso que você confere nesta análise completa do But it’s not the same as a proper optical zoom lens. O problema fica para quem é canhoto que vai sofrer um pouco para usar a digital aqui. Boiwq, 22 hours agoFor anyone who has this phone, hows the battery life going?Pretty nice, heavy gaming is about 4-6 hours ( with low brigthenss and battery saving mode) plus it gets fully charged in about 1 hour. You will receive a verification email shortly. Demora alguns segundos e você pode até interromper o processo, mas vale a pena esperar. A frontal de 32 MP impressiona e até faz um melhor trabalho que alguns celulares mais caros. The maximum temperature we measured was 35 °C (95 °F). This is much better than Samsung's decision to place its lock button near the top of the S10e's right edge, which means you still have to shift your hand to use it.

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