Undeniable Reasons Online Marketing Is So Effective



When it comes to marketing, it is important to use a variety of techniques. After all, offline tactics can work just as well in some cases. For the most part, however, online marketing is the undisputed king. The rise of online techniques in the past decade has been astronomic, and it shows no sign of stopping.

In fact, it is getting bigger and bigger if that is even possible. So, why does marketing via the web garner so much attention? Carry on reading to find out more.


The Reach


In the past, businesses could only reach audiences near to their location. Sure, the TV came along and changed that somewhat, but the problem remained. And it remained until the rise of the internet. When people go online, and almost 3 billion of them do, they don’t have to deal with boundaries. If they like, they can consume information from a host of sources, including firms thousands of miles away.

Once a company learns how to do SEO like a pro, there isn’t a person on the planet who isn’t a potential customer. Well, there isn’t as long as they have internet access! Instead of millions, online marketing deals with billions.

Equalizing Effect

There is a direct knock-on effect from the reach of online marketing, and it’s the fact that it brings big and small businesses together. Nowadays, it is possible for SMEs to compete with their larger rivals due to branding on the internet. The fact that the message can reach billions isn’t novel, but the cost might still have a novelty factor.

In simple terms, online techniques like SEO, PPC, and many others are free. Yes, they don’t cost a penny, which means they are available to everyone. As long as a business understands how they work, they can exploit them for their gain. Money doesn’t matter so much when it comes to online advertising.



Open 24/7


A traditional strategy only works during certain hours because people don’t view it all of the time. A TV advert, for instance, will have a bigger impact from 4pm to 7pm when everyone is home watching TV. The online world doesn’t work that way because it is available all day every day.

Thanks to mobile devices with internet capability, anyone can access the web at any time of the day. As a result, the influence enhances the message because it reaches more people and never sleeps.

Allows Personalization

Lots of marketing methods are general because they have to be general. It’s important they hit a wide base, and there is no point in alienating a group of people for no reason. The problem is that the message isn’t unique to the audience, and it loses its significance in the process. Online marketing is different because a business can tweak its message. With the help of social media, it is also easy to spread the message, as well as form relationships with customers.  

Online marketing is effective, and now you know why.

The Joy Of Offline Marketing

Today’s crop of online marketing blogs can easily leave you with the impression that advertising in the modern world is all SEO and online content. But despite what these blogs might tell you, the real world still exists, and it’s still a way that you can get your message out to the wider world.

But thanks to the fact that digital marketing is so dominant, few people are helping businesses do better advertising offline. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Be More Creative With Business Cards

A well-designed business card is an important part of making a good impression when you meet somebody new and getting your name out there. As a result, it’s a good idea to choose a design or a template that reflects your brand values and displays your creativity.

Don’t just limit business cards to the people at the top of your organization. Make sure that colleagues lower down the rank have business cards of their own to hand out to people when they meet them.


Free great picture


To make your business card stand out, there are two simple rules. The first is to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. This is unusual and will have the effect of causing a person to look twice before moving on. The second is to use bright colors instead of plain white on the background. Again, this will help your card to stand out.


Use Outdoor Advertising

Despite the growth of digital media, the biggest companies in the world still use billboards to communicate with their customers. Coca-Cola, the New York Times and Samsung all pay for billboard space in some of the most prestigious business districts in the world, like Times Square. But why?

One of the reasons is that it’s just worth it in high-traffic areas because so many people see it. But for smaller businesses, it might not be affordable. That’s why so many companies are choosing to use mobile billboards. Because their brands aren’t well known, these advertisements are typically used to display the company’s contact details. Mobile billboards help get your brand in front of many more eyes than would ordinarily be feasible.


Offer Group Discounts


Why are games like Eve Online and World Of Warcraft still so popular? Well, one of the reasons is that people play them to socialize, as well as play. In other words, they’re drawn to the product because their friends also like it.

Regular entrepreneurs can use the same principle to drive people to their own products by offering group discounts. Group discounts are a great way of turning your service into a social event, whether it’s a restaurant meal, paintball or salon experience.

Group discounts are also a good way to get the attention of people who wouldn’t normally find you on their own. In effect, discounts are a way of leveraging your existing customers, incentivizing them to bring new people to your business and enjoy your product. Pick out a specific demographic, like newlyweds or freshmen, and go from there.

Building A Strong Reputation For Your First Book


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There are few moments more exciting in the writer’s life than just after you have published your first book. It is also a nerve-wracking time, however, as you are never quite sure just how it is going to go. Sales are not guaranteed, and it can be a challenge to figure out exactly how you are meant to sell it.

Fortunately, there are positive steps that are always available for you to take. As long as you are following these basic guidelines, it is much more likely that your book will get into more readers’ hands. To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do for the reputation of your book.

Build An Audience First

In many ways, one of the most important aspects of the whole experience is the timing. As long as you get the timing right, you can be sure that your book will at least sell some copies. But what do we mean by correct timing? Most of all, you want to make sure that you as a writer have some kind of audience, even before you publish your book. If you do not have anything in the way of publicized interest, then it is much less likely that people will buy your book.

In order to develop an audience, you can do a number of things. If you are not already active on Twitter and Facebook, make sure you sign up and start interacting. You might also want to gain interest in your local areas by giving readings at local events and the like.


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Design A Stand-out Cover

The old saying about not judging a book by its cover is not really fair – after all, who doesn’t do exactly that when they are scanning the bookshelves? The cover does make a huge difference to whether or not people pick up your book, so you may as well put a lot of effort into getting it just right.

Cover design is a whole art in itself, and a great cover is one which takes both the contents of the book and your personal branding into account. You might also find that using an online service like this Wattpad book cover maker helps to get the cover design for your book just right.


Personal branding is vital if you want to be taken seriously as an author. This much is clear, and your brand should be reflected in your book in some way. But the book itself should also have a distinct kind of branding attached to it. This simply means that wherever you promote it, you follow the same set of stylistic concerns.

This massively increases your chances of the book being considered as a viable option for purchase. If you are unsure on how exactly to market your book in this way, then you might want to consider getting some help on that part of the process. It really does make a world of difference.


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The Misunderstood Truth About Successful Marketing

Marketing is one of the major arms of every business on the planet. There is little in the world of business that can really be achieved with the help of marketing. But marketing efforts vary in both their style and effectiveness. There is, to be sure, a lot of marketing out there which does not quite do the job it is meant to do. Still, businesses can always learn from trying to improve their marketing, and if you feel that your business might be in such a position, then what better time to start changing things than now?

As it turns out, there is actually much more to marketing than meets the eye. The common perception of marketing being all about advertising and promotions is misleading at best, although it goes without saying that promotion is a hugely important aspect of it. However, there is much more to it, and it is definitely worth learning what those other factors might be. Let’s see what a more holistic approach to marketing might look like, so that we can better understand how it actually works.



Developing A Product

Marketing begins long before the promotion stage, with another hugely relevant practice: product development. The quality of a product plays a huge role in terms of the public perception of a business and its brand. The product, after all, is the finished thing – that which actually sits in your customer’s hands. It is this above all that people base their opinion on, so it is highly important for your business that you get it right.

This is the first stage of marketing; namely, what product are we to produce? It might be that your business ends up producing many more products than just the one, but you need to start with one which is going to be indicative of the brand as a whole. Deciding on your first products is therefore an important decision, and much rests on it. Think carefully about what problem you actually want to try and fix; answering this question will lead you in the right direction in terms of what product you should actually go about producing.

Once you have a clear idea of what you are going to make, you need to start blueprinting it and figuring out how it will look and feel for real. There is no use in everything just remaining as an idea – at some point, those ideas have to become real, concrete objects which people interact with. How will you make those objects, how will you ensure their quality, and what can you hope to gain from the process? As ever, the more detailed you go here, the better off you will be, and the better of your customers will be as well.



The development of a product always needs to be as closely followed as possible. Any glaring errors early on should be dealt with as fast as possible; early mistakes very often lead to much more serious concerns later on, with the actual product. Regardless, one thing is for certain: any strong marketing campaign can only be truly effective if it works on the back of a really successfully made and accomplished product.

Choosing Price Ranges

Another aspect of marketing which is frequently either overlooked or taken to be another part of business altogether is the pricing. This is one of the major areas of marketing, and if we think about it its ongoing effects are actually quite important. The price of a product is something that makes a real noticeable difference to a number of factors. One of the main things that it affects is who is actually likely to buy the product.

The moment you decide on a particular price range, you are making a big decision about the kind of people you expect to buy your product. An exception to this rule is when you produce budget goods which anyone can afford. Even then, you are making the implicit assumption that those on lower salaries are more your target audience than those with higher salaries.

It is useful and important to know this information, and, in reality, you have to know it all to make the decision. No aspect of marketing can exist in a vacuum, and that is certainly true of pricing. Choose a price; choose the customer.



You also choose where the product is likely to be sold at this point, something which we will be looking at in the next section. Certain retailers will go for certain price ranges, the same as consumers, so you need to take that into consideration when you are trying to decide.

Another important issue here is the profit margin. At the end of the day, you are hoping to create a profit for your business, and you need to make sure that the price allows you to do exactly that. If it doesn’t, then you might want to re-consider before you put the product on sale and all but bankrupt your company.

As we can see, there are many ways in which the pricing of a product affects other parts of the marketing process. And the same, as it turns out, is likely to be true of the placement of that product too.



Knowing Where To Put It

The placement of a product (not to be confused with product placement) is actually one of the harder elements in the whole of marketing. It is also hugely relevant to every other part of the process. Where you are going to sell your products makes a huge difference to how you are going to promote it, what packaging you should use, what price range you should go for, and so on.

The number of possible combinations of all these is staggering, and that’s why for much of this you need to work in a top-down, larger-view manner. But when it comes to choosing where to sell your product, there are some basic things to bear in mind.

First of all, it is worth remembering that you are looking for high volume sales above all. This means that you probably don’t want to limit yourself to only a few retailers. You should try to go for as wide a range of outlets as possible, as this way your sales are likely to dramatically increase beyond your expectations.

Moreover, it pays to think about this early on, as that way you can be sure that you are marketing your product in a way which suits every retailer you are using. This might be harder than you think, but you will probably find the process a lot easier with a little help – more on that shortly.

Ultimately, the location of a product being sold makes a big difference to how you are going to promote it, so you need to be clear on this as early as possible. Speaking of promotion, that is next up on our marketing journey – how can you make sure it is as effective as possible?



Giving It The Promotion It Deserves

So you have ideated and designed a product, chosen a price range for it and thought about who is likely to sell it on. At this stage, you have done most of the hard work, and you also have more than enough information to be going on in order to successfully promote your product.

Don’t make the mistake, however, of waiting until this point to begin drafting ideas for your promotion. You can start thinking about how to promote a product the very moment you know even vaguely what that product is. This is the best way to do it, in fact, because you have more time to come up with just the right solution for each product that your business sells.

When it comes to designing a promotion which is going to do the job, how do you go about doing it? One of the easiest ways might sound too simple to be true, but the fact is that many businesses around the world swear by it. We are talking, of course, about hiring a firm to do it for you.

By using a decent promotions company, you can be sure that your product is getting exactly the kind of promotion that it really deserves. All you need to do is provide them with a brief, and then work in collaboration with them to ensure that they deliver exactly what you want. We spoke earlier about how promotion is not the most important part of marketing – but it is definitely up there.



Testing & Reviewing

Once your product has been on sale for a while, you can start testing how it fares with the general public. Some businesses are guilty of missing this stage, but that is a serious error. You can, with the right approach towards reviewing, ensure that your products continue to get better and better – and when that is an option, it makes little sense not to make the most of it.

Expand Your Reach And Maximize Potential With Your Marketing Campaign


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If you want your business to be a groundbreaking success you need to make sure that you are maximizing your marketing strategy. You need set it up so you can reach the widest audience possible and that you connect with customers in a way that ensures that they will give you repeated sales.

To do this, you need to think big. One little website with a few pieces of content won’t cut it. A couple posts on social media networks each day isn’t going to create a lasting impression. Customers aren’t going to be dazzled by a dull website with virtually zero forms of immersion and interaction.

Marketing, particularly online marketing, is one instance where bigger is always better. Effectively, you need to go hard or go home. You can bet your competition won’t be taking it easy when they market their business. That’s why you do need to be prepared to create an impact.

So, how can you do this? Well, you can start by thinking about content and what makes content appealing, enticing and successful. Great content will capture the attention of an audience, send them towards buying a product and make them feel connected to your company. At same time, the best content won’t even feel like marketing to them. The information will be so useful and of such high quality that the idea it’s just marketing won’t even cross their mind.

Bigger, Better, Badder Content Campaign


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First, let’s think about where you’re going to be releasing content. We recommend that you have multiple resources online for releasing and promoting content. So, you might have a blog, a business website and a shop. That shop and website will also have a separate blogging platform for more direction versions of content promotion. Is it possible to handle so many different types of resources online?

You can if you use a service such as WooCommerce Multisite. With this service, you can run multiple WordPress blogs from the same server. This keeps your strategy efficient, effective and ensures that all the sites operate at a rapid rate.

You can guarantee that all your sites online are built to the same quality level. This will ensure that customers do not leave the site before a purchase because it wasn’t easy to use or because it was running at a slow speed.


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Next, you need to think about how often you’re going to release content. If you’re planning on using content as one of your main forms of marketing, you need to have a release schedule. The best way to do this is to set it up on a spreadsheet with all the content ready to go. That way, you can release different pieces like clockwork every other day.

You should also consider the type of content that you’re going to use. Be aware that is possible to recycle old content that has been successful and is no longer held in the internet indexes. If it’s not in the index, you can’t be accused of copyright by utilizing it. It’s free for all, and to find it, you just need to search for dead sites. You can then investigate whether the content was well received and how many times it was shared.

Obviously, you’re looking for content that was positively received, went viral and is relevant to your business. Filling your sites and blogs with this type of content is sure to get you the attention that you want online.

Be aware that these days you might also need to work for your content. You should make sure that you are reaching out to bloggers and site owners. Popular bloggers might be interesting in writing content for your site. If they do this, it can be mutually beneficial. They can gain support from your customers.

Meanwhile, you can make sure that your business is linked to a popular blog with a large readership. Are you starting to see what we mean by go big or go home? Let’s move on and look at how you can use social media in a similar way.

Stand Out On Social Platforms


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It has been suggested that social media is now the greatest weapon for the online marketer. With social media, you can push your business to new heights and reach a larger customer base. You can even create a story or context online that the media will be interested in. Hashtags that are trending on Twitter are often picked up by the media and used as part of a story.

Hollywood is an example of this. Movie producers often create hashtags for new films in the hope that it will start trending. If it does, it will then be reported that the movie has a positive buzz online, boosting the effects of marketing efforts.

Of course, hashtags aren’t the only way you can create a buzz online. You can also set up groups on social media such as Facebook. With a group like this, you can make sure that customers can interact with you and connect with other clients. Fitness instructors often use this tactic to make their customer base a community. They can produce user generated content and connect with their clients on a more personal level.

Live feeds were also very popular in 2016 and that trend is expected to continue. Setting up a live feed on a social network is easy. You can then provide instant and immersive content to customers, once again, building hype.

Product Viral Media


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Lastly, the major aim when releasing content online is to go viral. But how do you do this? The best way is to create content with a context and a story. The best marketers are essentially highly skilled story tellers. They know what makes an audience tick and want to read on. You need to write clickbait headlines that capture their interest as well as their imagination.

Do this and you’ll see the benefits of creating promotional campaigns that stand out in the online world. It’s possible that your business could reach exciting new heights in the new year if you follow this advice.