The 4 Cornerstones of Your Business’s Web Presence

The web presence of your business is highly important. It’s not something that you can afford to ignore if you want your business to have any chance of finding success. There are a few cornerstones of your company’s web presence that you really need to understand and know how to perfect. You can find information about these things below.

Approach each of them with a fresh mentality and try to ensure you get each of them right. If you can do that, your business will stand out in the online sphere.


  1. Social Media

Social media is an important place to start because every needs to have a presence on all the main social media platforms nowadays. If a customer wants to find your business on Facebook or Twitter, but can’t, this could have a big impact on their decision. Your business will be seen as small, unprofessional or simply stuck in the past if you’re not present on social media.

So, you definitely need to use them, but you also need to use them in the right way. You can’t simply use them as tools to send out adverts into the world. It doesn’t really work like that. Instead, you need to engage and interact with people. Be a little more light-hearted.

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  1. Your Website

Your website is another obvious part of your business’s presence online. When your website is not as strong as it can be, it will have a real impact on your ability to sell to people. It should be fast and easy to navigate. It should be slick, modern and attractive; in other words, people should see it in the exact way you want them to see your company as a whole.

You can help with its design from companies like The Story Web Design & Marketing. If you have an online shop, it should be easy to use, simple to search for things and browse through them at will. It should also be capable of displaying pages on mobile devices.

  1. Blogger Outreach

Blogs are really important, and that’s why your small company should definitely think about blogger outreach. To put it simply, blogger outreach is all about seeking exposure from and building relationships with bloggers that are successful and relevant to your company’s niche. They can help get the word out there and put your business’s products or services in front of people who might be genuinely interested in buying them. That’s a pretty big deal, and it can massively spread awareness of your company.

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  1. YouTube Channel

You might think that this is just another social media platform, but it’s a platform completely different to all the rest. That’s why it has to be put in its very own category. YouTube allows you to create video content for a mass audience. Appealing to people and showing them what you know about your niche can help to cement your business as part of a particular community.

Again, this is not about posting adverts for your business. It’s about showing people something enlightening, interesting or entertaining, and then pointing people towards your site from there.

Here’s Why You Should Care About Employee Satisfaction

Many employers neglect the well-being of their staff. It has almost become a stereotype among business owners. That big bad boss that doesn’t care about their workers, abusing them with a metaphorical whip until they submit and agree to work long hours in horrible conditions just to feed their families. Although office culture generally isn’t as harsh or cruel as it used to be, there are definitely some employers out there that care little about what their employees think.

While this might be a viable strategy for a business that boasts thousands of employees and a global recognition, it doesn’t mean you can apply the same tactic to your small business.

Let’s face it: a small business has to grow slowly and its success honestly depends on the satisfaction of the employees. They are going to become leaders, senior members of staff or even directors of your business in the future, so it’s imperative that you train them well and treat them with respect so that they are loyal to you.



Never have a dispute again


When everyone’s on the same wavelength, your business will flourish and there will be almost no disputes among your staff. Employees that are engaged in their line of work and have a connection to their employer are more likely to go the extra mile by putting in overtime and working from home to ensure the success of your business. This isn’t something that takes long, either.

By interacting with your employees and showing a genuine interest in their work and their life so that you can accommodate their needs, they’re more likely to stick with your startup even if they could get a better salary from another job.


Improve efficiency

If you want an office to run smoothly, then you need to consider the needs of your staff and how you can improve their workflow. For instance, one of the major productivity killers is a lack of comfortable furniture. It sounds silly, but if you’re working at a desk for the majority of the day, you want your backside to be comfortable and your back to be straight.

This blog post explains how great furniture can affect the overall satisfaction of your employees and what kind of furniture you should be investing in. It might cost a lot, but at the end of the day, you need to pamper your employees if you want them to work harder.



Customer loyalty

If your employees are dealing with clients on a regular basis, then you need to make sure they’re in a good mood or else they’ll take it out on their customers. If your employees feel stressed out all the time, then don’t be surprised if they one day snap and lash out a customer.

This could spiral out of control and, before you know it, you’re either going to be forced to fire the employee or make up an excuse and give that customer compensation. Just remember that the customer is always right (most of the time, anyway) and that your staff are the ones interacting with them on a regular basis.

Keep Up With Your Competitors

Putting the correct, and best, measures in place to allow your business to keep up and even exceed your competitors is a vital aspect of enabling your business to flourish and be successful. If you do not allow your business to compete with its competitors then you could be missing out on rising profit, attracting more customers and developing your business to a level which was unprecedented when you first set it up.

When a business competes with other companies in the same field, it can mean that a competitive edge can be instilled into employees, who will be eager to rise to any necessary job that needs doing, meaning your business will be more productive and – as a result – can take on more jobs and clients. When a business can take on more jobs, this means that more profit can be gained, which can mean more additions can be brought into the business such as more staff, new software and new hardware, and even – in the long run – brand new offices can be built.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing and what they have put into place to allow them to remain successful and you will be able to gain a good idea of what you need to do to keep up, and what measures and structures you may want to think about putting in place. If one of your competitors – who is becoming a big name in the field – has invested in a brand new website which looks sleek, modern and appealing, and your website is a few years old and you feel that it looks inadequate compared to their website, you may want to contact professionals who specialize in web design to help you build a new website which compares, and exceeds, the rival company’s website.

Or, if a rival company has invested a lot of time and effort into promoting and marketing their social media accounts – which has left them with a better reputation and more customers – then you could hire a marketing specialist or you could even put a more refined social media policy in place so that your employees will be able to garner a more in depth knowledge of how you would like the company’s social media to perform, and how you would like it to look to potential customers and clients.

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It is important nowadays to allow a business to develop to its full potential through any measures which you deem necessary. Not a single aspect of the business should be overlooked when you may be thinking about how you are going to keep up with your competitors, as even details which you thought were minuscule and did not affect the business that much, could end up to be the most important sections of the business which will need to be developed.

Take a look at all of your competitors, and realize what they are doing to enable them to be successful. The more research that’s done, the more likely you are to keep up.


Undeniable Reasons Online Marketing Is So Effective



When it comes to marketing, it is important to use a variety of techniques. After all, offline tactics can work just as well in some cases. For the most part, however, online marketing is the undisputed king. The rise of online techniques in the past decade has been astronomic, and it shows no sign of stopping.

In fact, it is getting bigger and bigger if that is even possible. So, why does marketing via the web garner so much attention? Carry on reading to find out more.


The Reach


In the past, businesses could only reach audiences near to their location. Sure, the TV came along and changed that somewhat, but the problem remained. And it remained until the rise of the internet. When people go online, and almost 3 billion of them do, they don’t have to deal with boundaries. If they like, they can consume information from a host of sources, including firms thousands of miles away.

Once a company learns how to do SEO like a pro, there isn’t a person on the planet who isn’t a potential customer. Well, there isn’t as long as they have internet access! Instead of millions, online marketing deals with billions.

Equalizing Effect

There is a direct knock-on effect from the reach of online marketing, and it’s the fact that it brings big and small businesses together. Nowadays, it is possible for SMEs to compete with their larger rivals due to branding on the internet. The fact that the message can reach billions isn’t novel, but the cost might still have a novelty factor.

In simple terms, online techniques like SEO, PPC, and many others are free. Yes, they don’t cost a penny, which means they are available to everyone. As long as a business understands how they work, they can exploit them for their gain. Money doesn’t matter so much when it comes to online advertising.



Open 24/7


A traditional strategy only works during certain hours because people don’t view it all of the time. A TV advert, for instance, will have a bigger impact from 4pm to 7pm when everyone is home watching TV. The online world doesn’t work that way because it is available all day every day.

Thanks to mobile devices with internet capability, anyone can access the web at any time of the day. As a result, the influence enhances the message because it reaches more people and never sleeps.

Allows Personalization

Lots of marketing methods are general because they have to be general. It’s important they hit a wide base, and there is no point in alienating a group of people for no reason. The problem is that the message isn’t unique to the audience, and it loses its significance in the process. Online marketing is different because a business can tweak its message. With the help of social media, it is also easy to spread the message, as well as form relationships with customers.  

Online marketing is effective, and now you know why.

6 Tech Investments Every Business Owner Should Consider

Every modern business owner, regardless of their age or background, knows how important technology is for stoking organizational growth and saving time on routine tasks. If you’ve got a little wiggling room in your budget for the year ahead, but you’ve covered all your major priorities, you should be focussing on upgrading or adding new technology, software and devices. While the things you invest in will depend on your unique needs, here are six tech investments every business owner should consider.

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Marketing Automation Software

If you’re still handling your online marketing manually, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to save heaps of time and money, not to mention increasing the flexibility and accuracy of your marketing. The major advantages of marketing automation are easily managing email campaigns, website analytics, keeping tabs on your marketing budget, calculating ROI, optimizing landing pages and so much more. Marketing automation is a massive industry now, and you can easily spend thousands of dollars on it a month. However, there are many decent pieces of software which start at a couple of hundred.

Dual Monitors

A lot of people think that having dual monitors on their desk makes almost no difference to the way they carry out their work, and that using them is something of a gimmick. While I see the logic, until you try using dual monitors, you don’t know what you’re missing!

Two screens will not only give you much more room to work, but will also allow you to keep more than one application open without having to switch between different tabs all the time. For example, with a combined 27-inch display, you could keep an internet browser, email account, spreadsheet and word document open all at once.

A Branded App

Businesses all over the world are ditching flyers, vouchers and other marketing materials for mobile apps, and when you consider the range of benefits they offer, it’s hardly surprising. You’ll be able to provide more value to your customers, using your app to create a loyalty program or keep your customers updated with special offers. You’ll improve the awareness and level of communication your customers have with your brand, and foster more trust with your target market.

Furthermore, as apps become more and more commonplace with different businesses, your customers will begin to expect you to have a mobile app, and providing them with one will do a lot to increase customer satisfaction. The budget you’ll need will vary greatly from project to project, so talk to your financial advisor or use an app development pricing guide to start forming a plan.

Good POS System

If you have a customer-facing retail element to your business, then a good point of sale system is a non-negotiable essential. Compared to traditional cash registers, it makes it so much easier to process your transactions, track your sales, and produce financial reports. Depending on the kind of solution you choose, a lot of modern POS systems can be operated and managed entirely from a tablet or other mobile device.

Wireless Conferencing

Any good company will have several meeting spaces, where they can bring relevant staff together in order to talk about the business’s strategy and progress. In the past, displaying videos and images had slow, clunky solutions, which a lot of businesses waved away because they were more trouble than they were worth. Today, all that has changed.

If you fear that your meetings and collaboration aren’t doing all they should, adopt a wireless solution that will allow you to stream videos, images and presentations across multiple rooms, and have any participant easily take control or share screens. This technology will streamline your important meetings, and take them beyond simply showing a presentation to a room of people.


A lot of people think that the internet of things is strictly a consumer niche, with all the buzz about smart thermostats, lights, locks and so forth. However, the many business applications certainly aren’t being ignored. In fact, companies are among the biggest customers of IOT technology. A lot of manufacturers are already implementing connected cameras and sensors in order to monitor the operation’s efficiency and productivity.

Various time-consuming tasks such as data entry can be eliminated altogether with this kind of tech, freeing up more of your available manpower. While IOT tech certainly hasn’t been perfected and there are still kinks that need to be ironed out, it can give you a huge edge over your competition, and isn’t something that you can afford to ignore altogether.