A Checklist For Improving Your Sales Performance & Increasing ROI

If there was a graveyard for businesses, the most common epitaph would likely be, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” No company has ever achieved growth by standing still, and only those willing to change can succeed. Even the most successful companies understand they need to constantly evolve and improve to maintain their positions in the marketplace.

This is especially true when it comes to your sales organization. Perhaps nowhere is the competition fiercer and the need for evolution more evident than in sales. Fortunately, there are a number of ways shrewd leaders can help ensure that their salespeople have the resources and motivation necessary to accomplish real development and get the most out of the investment placed in them.

When it comes to improving sales performance, one common mistake many professionals make is ignoring bad reviews. Although the first impulse may be to dismiss criticism, there’s often a kernel of wisdom to be found there. Viewing negative feedback as a learning opportunity rather than an insult can be crucial for helping salespeople grow in their abilities.

Another misstep made by many organizations is failing to take full advantage of technology. Software makes it possible for teams to measure their effectiveness effortlessly, giving them a clearer picture of where they thrive and where they need to improve. Applications also enable automation that takes many of the most repetitive and tedious job responsibilities off their shoulders.

Don’t let your company die from starvation. Continue to feed it new ideas and look for means of continuous improvement. If you do, you’ll stand a much better chance of climbing to the top echelon in your industry. For more ideas you can use to bolster the performance of your sales team, check out this checklist:

Sales Performance Checklist created by Neocol

This guest post was written by David Holstein, who is Vice President of Revenue for Neocol, a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in CPQ, billing, integration, sales cloud and service cloud. With eight-plus years of experience in the industry, Holstein focuses on using his knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem to help improve people’s lives personally and professionally.

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