The Top Micro Greens You Can Grow Now



If you are trying to eat healthy for the summer, there are likely a few things you have already tried and some better habits you plan to implement into your life. 

For a project which is fun as well as giving you some amazing nutrients for the body, growing microgreens can be a good answer. You can learn more about microgreens and what they are at Here, we are going to look at the best ones for you to grow this summer for a healthy diet. 



Chives are one of the most popular choices when it comes to microgreens because they are so simple to grow and will grow within a short span of time. In order to grow chives, use seeds or cut the top inch off an existing plant. 



Many people don’t think of micro-broccoli or other Cruciferous vegetables, but it is a super simple choice and one which is full of vitamin C and A.



If you love a bit of spice in your life and you want something which grows quickly, radish is your answer. Radish is very easy to grow (and quickly!), which makes it the ideal choice for those of you starting out. 



Sunflower seeds are a popular health food snack, but did you know that the plant can be great too? You can grow sunflower seeds easily, and they’re high in zinc and vitamin E, making them the ideal snack. 



This is a popular choice for microgreen growing and is mild tasting, so it’s ideal for many different salad mixes and meals.



Beetroot is a vibrant red and purple vegetable and the stems of this plant can be a great way to garnish any dish with a flourish. Beetroot stems are full of flavor and nutrients, making it ideal for many dishes.



Kale is one of the ultimate superfoods, and the baby version is no different. This leaf is full of vitamin C, which is essential for the immune system as well as the skin. 



If you want a microgreen which is packed with flavour and tastes amazing on pasta dishes, basil is the ideal choice. Basil is full of herbs flavour and will spice up any dish you decide to make this year. 



We’ve all heard of Chia seeds, which are used for many meals, but have you ever considered growing chia into plants and eating those? Well, chia seeds are full of protein and fiber and are one of the best microgreens you can buy. 


Garden Cress

A project you likely remember as a kid in school was to grow cress on the window sill and hope for the best. Well, garden cress is a great option as a healthy microgreen and it is a handy ingredient to add to most salads, sandwiches and even to garnish soups. It takes no time at all to grow and is the ideal choice for a beginner.

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