Fashion Fail: Why People Are Leaving Your Store Empty-Handed

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It is a fashion store’s worst nightmare. The bell above your door dings gently as a customer walks into your shop, you pretend to be busy as you watch them walk up and down the aisles for a long few minutes, looking at the items on your racks positively, only for them to then ask you that generic question of, “What time do you close?” before they leave empty-handed, never to be seen again.

They must have come into your store for a reason. Surely. However, they must have left for a reason too. And that is exactly what we are going to focus on: why they left empty-handed.

After all, making sales is the not-so secret of financial success. So, without further ado, here are the top reasons for you to consider:

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No Sign Of A Price


People are too embarrassed and shy to ask what the price of something is. They don’t want to pick a gorgeous item off the rack, walk up to the cashier and ask what the cost of such and such is just so they can offer up a deflated nod at the fact they can’t afford it. Chances are, they could have afforded it, but they don’t want to run the risk. So, price everything and make that price easy to find.


No Help Is Offered


We’ve all been there. We’ve all walked into a shop in the hope of finding a very specific item but then got lost, unable to locate the very thing we went in there to walk out with. Letting these customers go is the worst because they came in with the intention of spending their money.

So, make sure you always have someone available that can help them locate what they are looking for and, if you don’t have any stock left, let them know when it will be restocked or tell them you can send it out the moment it arrives. Anything to ensure you get a sale.


Certain Payment Options Aren’t Offered


Is there anything more gut-wrenching or heart-twisting than having a customer heave a selection of items they want to buy from you – hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth – and then going through the tagging and bagging process, only for them to find out you don’t take credit cards?

According to this accounts for a big chunk of customers that leave stores empty-handed. Yes, credit card processing comes with a fee, but it is far better to offer the option and take a sale than to see the back of a customer waltz out of your door with zero bags in her hands.

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Everything Is Out Of Their Price Range


This is probably the biggest reason why people dance in and then skulk out. They want to be able to buy from your store, to become a part of your brand, but they can’t afford to. It’s a situation that produces absolutely no winners.

You may very well be a luxury brand, like Fairfax & Favor, which means there is a premium to pay. But in order to get aspirational purchasers on board, we recommend you add one or two entry-level pieces to your collection as a way of preventing any more people from leaving without anything to show for their efforts.

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