New Site New Headache? Business Growth Problems And Solutions

Growing a business is about taking calculated risks. With every risk taken, though, the stress and headaches can pile up on you as a business owner. Perhaps the biggest worry you can have as a business owner is your business premises. Growth requires more space and buildings; renting or buying a new property for that takes time. Is it all location, location, location, or are there other factors you need to consider before you move?


Where Are Your Most Valued Employees?

You might be calling your staff into meetings about the move prematurely. Nobody in your business is more valuable than your customers. Consider where they are based and where would be the most convenient site for them to visit.

Of course, if you rarely have clients or customers visiting this site, then this won’t be much cause for concern. Instead, talk to your most valuable team members and discuss the implications of a move for them. It can be challenging to lose your employees.

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Build, Rent, or Buy?

Now that you know where you want the building, you need to find it! The trouble is, not all buildings are suitable for your business. This is why so many expanding companies choose to build their HQ. Build it bigger than you need today, so you have room to grow again in the future. Your business might require specialist premises that simply don’t exist on a regular business park estate.

Have a look at this case study of a barndominium metal building to see what can be built when your needs are extraordinary. It’s useful to think about your growth strategy when you design a building.

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The Strategy

Of course, your growth strategy is just one part of what you’re doing here. If you’re custom-building a premises, chances are you have more than a few tricks up your sleeve. You might have some new product ideas or projects in the pipeline to boost employee morale.

A new building is only a temporary headache for you. What it can achieve for your business future is limited only by your imagination. So, pull the team together and start imagining what the future strategy of your business might become.

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The Headaches Of Moving

Moving office can be a nuisance. It might involve a fair bit of downtime and a lot of hard physical work. But once everything is in place, you will all settle in quite quickly. Plan the move and announce the move on your social media pages. This gives your customers, clients and suppliers fair warning that you’re going to be offline for a day or two. You’ll need to order all-new stationery and livery.

Again, announce new addresses as soon as you can. Finally, make sure everything is set up to operate before you physically move in. This will save the IT team a big headache later!

There might be one or two interim headaches to plan ahead for when your business moves to a new site. But the opportunities and benefits it offers to you, your business, and your customers should easily outweigh them.


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