Think A Career In Finance Is Dull? Think Again

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Most people think accounting is a boring career choice, or that working with numbers in general is boring. After all, if you surveyed kids about the subjects they hated the most in school, most would almost definitely say Math.

However, your assumptions about accounting might be completely incorrect. You’re about to discover that working in finance could be a fantastic career choice, even if it does seem a little “boring”.


You’ll Make A Fortune

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You may not realize this, but accountants actually have some of the top salaries in the country. You can make a fortune on this career path, with annual salaries of well over 100K. That’s just for typical accounting such as monitoring the books of a large corporation or company.

If you want to take more risks, then you can work as a financial investor. In this job, you’ll get to play with financial investments worth millions and be paid for making the right decisions on the market. Many of the top financial investors earn six-figure salaries.


It’s Exciting

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You have probably never been in the position where you had someone else’s financial future in your hands. But imagine if you did. Imagine how powerful you would feel and the risk you would be taking.

Well, that’s exactly what the role of a financial investor is. You’ll be involved with deciding whether an individual’s finances flourish or deteriorate. On a day to day basis, you’ll be taking huge risks that could very well pay off.


You Can Work From Home

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A lot of people love the idea of working from home, outside an office away from the hustle and bustle of a busy corporation. Well, working in accounting or in the financial sector, you definitely can. You will be able to work from a home office, thanks to the development of cloud technology.

With cloud technology, accounts can now be monitored and organized away from the office. You may never meet your clients, but they will still pay you a fortune for handling their finances.


You Can Be Independent

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Do you hate the idea of having a boss breathing down your neck? Well, when working as an accountant, you may never have this issue. As an accountant, you can pick and choose your own clients, working privately on the market. You’ll only need to work for who you want to, avoiding any annoying or irritating clients.

To do this, you just need to make sure that you have something like a BBA in accounting. This will show business owners that your advice can be trusted and make you a valuable hire.


You’ll Be Able To Manage Your Own Money

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An extra benefit of entering a career in finance is that you will learn the skills and knowledge to manage your own finances effectively, ensuring that you never end up in a position of personal financial difficulty.

Do you still think finance is a boring career choice? It could actually be the opportunity of your dreams.

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