Freelance Editors: Survive And Thrive By Doing These Things

Thriving as a freelance editor in today’s competitive market is a reality that you can make happen. To do this, you have to know some of the essential tricks of the trade—ones that will allow you to not only survive in today’s competitive market but go beyond this and achieve the success you are looking for. Read on to find out what they are.

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The Basics


Freelance editing needs to be treated like any other business when laying down the basics and getting the foundations right. That means you can’t neglect things like business planning and funding just because you’re a one-person band.

So get your goals down on paper, work out how many jobs you need per month to keep afloat, and investigate small business lines of credit that will provide flexible funding for any emergency purchases you need to get the next job—such as printers, software, or office supplies.

It can also help to set up an area in your home that is dedicated to working. This will allow you to attain the right state of mind when you sit down to the day’s tasks, ensuring you are laser-focused on what you have to do and that you spend the right amount of time on each job to keep it profitable.

After all, you can only kid yourself for so long that you are working to the best of your abilities while lounging on the sofa with daytime TV in the background. So, do yourself a favor, get the basics right, and delineate your work time and leisure time and you will be well on your way to thriving as a freelance editor.


Get the Word Out


The next step to surviving and thriving as a freelance editor is to get the word out about the services that you are providing. That means you will need to market yourself, something that isn’t too hard to do.

First, you need a great website: one that is clear and user-friendly and shows the type of work that you are capable of. It also helps to have some excellent SEO for your site, as you will want it to come up first when people are searching for the services that you offer.

Unfortunately, some folks think that this is enough to get them a steady stream of work. However, jobs aren’t just going to land in your lap, so you need to be proactive and get out there and chase them. This means getting in contact with potential employers in the fields you are interested in and ensuring they know the service you can offer.


Repeat Business

Lastly, once you have completed some work for clients keep on their radar by following up with thank you notes, and updates. This places you at the forefront of their mind, making you more likely to be chosen for any other work they have in the pipeline, and making it an easy way of getting more work. It’s always simpler to get repeat business than it is to establish a new client.

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