Why You Can Never Know Enough About Your Visitors

Whether you’re a small online business for whom ecommerce is your livelihood, a professional blogger, a sole trader, or even just someone who woke up one day and decided that they want a website then you’re letting a universe of opportunity pass you by if you’re not regularly monitoring your visitor traffic.

At its most profitable it can help you to analyze your visitors browsing and buying patterns, enabling you to qualify and convert leads turning them into customers and eventually brand advocates. At its most enlightening, it can inform you what content is generating the most interest and traction so that you can tailor your content more specifically to the needs and tastes of your visitors.

We’re going to have a look at how you can access important data about your visitors, what sort of information you can get and why it’s important in the growth of your business or project.

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The How


This is the easiest part because the how is a ready made solution that you can purchase after an initial free trial. Using a marketing automation platform such as Visual Visitor gives you information that will help you to engage with them in ways that the usual free analytics doesn’t.

And, before you mention your landing page, sign-up form, or call-to-action, it’s worth noting that while these are no doubt invaluable tools, only 2% of users actually engage with them.

So, let’s go after the 98%!


The What


Normal analytics will give you a lot of useful information that can help you to understand your visitors a little better such as:

  • The number of visitors reaching your site.

  • How they got there; i.e. through pay-per-click advertising or organically, through a referral from social media, or through an affiliate program.

  • How long your visitors are staying on a page (this does not necessarily mean, however, that they’re engaging with the content).

  • The bounce rate i.e. how many visitors bounce off your site after only viewing one page.

  • How many pages visitors view per visit.

  • How many overall page views your site has.

  • Where your visitors are located based on their IP address.

  • Whether visitors are new or returning to your site.


While this is all useful stuff for bloggers as a metric for what content resonates with audiences and what doesn’t, it’s not too helpful for ecommerce sites with conversion rates to worry about.

This is why automated marketing is useful as it gives you all of the above plus:


  • Identifying what company visitors are browsing from.

  • Identifying which products they are interested in.

  • Varying degrees of contact information.


The Why


This is all great but why is it of use to you? Because it’s instrumental in planning your business’ strategy. It can help you identify which products are shifting and which are sitting on the shelf, where your strengths lie and where you need to focus on development and who is interested in you and where they are.

What you do with that information can be a key step in growing your business!

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