Is College Really Worth It?

When my parents were young, people usually went to college for a specific reason. They needed a certain degree to pursue the career that they wanted. Nowadays, things are very different, and the education system seems to be trying to push every single high school graduate into a four-year college.

To some extent, there is a stigma around not having a college degree, but for some people, it just isn’t the right fit. Some people don’t like the academic setting, and a lot of careers just don’t need it. If you’re trying to decide what you’re going to do once you graduate, or perhaps you’re thinking of going back later in life, here are some alternatives to the traditional four-year college:


Vocational School

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For anybody who likes working with their hands, college classes are going to be a bore, and you probably won’t get much out of it. If you want a career in the trades, you don’t need a college degree.

Instead, think about going to a vocational school. You’ll get practical hands-on training in whatever area interests you. You could learn to be a plumber, electrician, construction worker and much more. Once you’re qualified, you could find work that pays incredibly well, and you won’t have the debt of four years in college hanging over you either. You can also take on apprenticeship so you’ll be earning money and getting valuable job experience while you study.


Online Degrees

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Going to college for four years isn’t the only way to get yourself a degree. You can do a 2 year college degree, also known as an associates degree. In certain programs, all of the work will be sent to you to complete at home.

This is a much better option for people that want to return to education in later life because you can complete it in your own time while maintaining a job as well. It massively reduces the financial strain, and you’ll be able to learn the same skills that you could at a four-year college.



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So many graduates end up going to college because they don’t know what else to do, and people keep telling them it’s the right path. If you’re undecided, then why not take a year or two to work out what you want to do? There are plenty of volunteering programs that will cover the cost of accommodation and food while you give something back. It’s a great way to see the world and do something good while you work out what your next step is going to be.


Start Your Own Business

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Why spend four years slaving away at college, only to get an entry level job working for somebody else, when you could be the boss straightaway? A lot of high school graduates are deciding to take the plunge and start their own business. It’s a lot easier to do when you’re young because you have less financial responsibilities like a family and a house. If you fail, it isn’t the end of the world, and, you never know—you might become the next Bill Gates.


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