Think Off-page: Unique Gifts for Bibliophiles

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We all love books.

It’s not just their ability to transport us to new worlds, or how they can stir a range of emotions and the technical prowess of their verse.

It’s the heft, the smell, the tactile pleasure of turning the pages, seeing them arranged proudly on our shelves—a “this is me!” to visiting friends and relatives.

When we meet and fall in love with someone who shares our passion for the bibliographic, it’s a very specific pleasure sharing your love of books. But as time goes by, it can be tricky thinking of new and exciting gifts for book lovers other than… More books.

So, if you’re looking for something different for your loved one, why not check out some of these?


Get Personal


Personalized gifts are all the rage and for those who love the printed word. There are some incredible options out there, from personalized stationery cards to bespoke bookmarks.

Those with a real appreciation of the interplay of paper and ink will be hugely appreciative of some of the options for personalized stationery, which can include:

  • crisp embossing

  • rich raised ink

  • unique letterings

  • artful monograms

  • colorful borders

  • oversized dimensions

You could emblazon their stationery with a stylized monogram of their name or initial, or even a passage from their favorite book.


Book of Life


Why not present your loved one with a unique book made just for them that’s all about… them?

Love Book Online provides a fun and unique service that allows you to quickly and easily construct a unique and fully customizable book of their life and/or your relationship.

You have total control over the content, and the site provides a variety of cover and binding options. If you’re looking for something to document their lives or your love, this is an artful and unique solution.


Book Ends

Book lovers don’t just love to read books; we love to display them almost as much. Many bibliophiles will agonize over the presentation of their beloved books, and a messy display is anathema to a book lover. So, why not present them with some truly special book ends?

Many of us think of bookends as something dull and utilitarian, but there are a great many cool and unusual bookends out there. Not on the Highstreet has a great selection that should match any tastes, though if your loved one has a taste for the superheroic, then these Batman / Superman bookends will look great keeping their graphic novel collection together.


Literary Apparel

Bibliophiles love to wear their love of books on their sleeves and The Literary Gift Company has some great examples of literary apparel (almost none of which actually has sleeves, but you get the idea). You can find everything from t-shirts with accurate renderings of their favorite book covers to clever slogans: “Careful, or you’ll end up in my next novel.”

There are plenty of affordable and adorable book-related t-shirts, scarves, socks, ties and even onesies for babies! If they like to sip a hot drink while they read, you’ll find a cute selection of themed mugs, too!

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