The Killer Tactics That Will Give Your Customer Base A Boost

Are you a new business just starting out, or perhaps an older business that has, all of a sudden, noticed a drop in customers? Whichever it is, if your business is lacking customers, you need to do something about it. Without a solid customer base, your chances of success are low. The question is, of course: how can you go about boosting your customer base?

If you don’t have enough customers, the worst thing that you can do is ignore the problem – it won’t get better on its own. What you need to do is actively attempt to give your customer base a boost. For this, focusing on the needs of your customers is key, as states.

To help you do that, and also to hold onto the customers you already have, below are some killer tactics that all the most successful entrepreneurs swear by when it comes to business success. Implement these, and your customer base should start to increase.


Ask for opinions

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One of the best ways to retain the customers that you have and ascertain new ones is to ask your customers for their opinions about your brand, products or services. You can also ask prospective customers as well.

By asking your customers and prospective customers for their feedback, this shows them that you value what they think – consumers like to feel valued. The easiest way to get feedback is to set up an online survey via your website or social media channels. You will get extra brownie points if you offer an incentive to people who fill out your survey – such as a prize.


Run competitions

Talking of prizes, another simple way to boost your customer base is to run competitions. What you want to do is run competitions that require people to subscribe to your email newsletters and follow your social media channels to be entered. This is a great way to increase your online reach and to grow your customer base.

When it comes to the prize that you offer, this can be something linked to your business, such as a selection of your products, or it could be a prize such as a weekend away or a spa day. For a prize that doesn’t break the bank, such as a short stay away, perhaps using sites like could be worthwhile. These deal sites always have great discounts on offer, which make them ideal for using to source prizes for any competitions that you run.


Make customer service a priority

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If there’s one thing that consumers love, it’s a brand that puts customer service before anything else. If you want to up your customer base, aim to make providing quality customer service a priority. This means handling complaints in the right way, with grace and understanding. It also means being easier to contact – a lot of consumers prefer to use instant messaging to contact brands rather than waiting on hold on the phone, for instance.

Get your customer service right, and your business will be much more likely to succeed; that’s a fact. So, there you have it: all the best tactics for giving your customer base a boost. Good luck!

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