The Little Things That Make Your Customers Smile

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If you were to close your eyes now and think back to your favorite pastime, whether it was last week or in your childhood, or even about a loved one, chances are it’s the little things that made that moment special. They are the things that stand out the most. The things that make it unique to you and memorable. Well, the same goes for your customers and the experience they recall.

It’s the little details that they will notice, and these are things that will keep them coming back because they made them feel good about the process, about the purchase, and about you.

So, how do you go above and beyond with the little things?

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Recognition Is A Powerful Tool

One of the best ways to make a feel customer special is to greet them by name. Our name is what defines us. A person’s name, to that person, is the sweetest and most important sound in any language, so don’t underestimate the power this will have. Share this information with your staff too.

If they are standing behind your cash register stands and a regular walks in, greet them with a name. If you run off appointments, make sure you know who is coming in next. People like being recognized when they go places, and it is one of those small details that will keep them coming back. It flattery, but genuine flattery, and it adds an element of warmth and personality.

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Make Their Experience Personal

If Starbucks can manage this then you surely can. Sure, they do it by cheating slightly, they ask your name and then write it on the cup, but it makes people smile, and even the ones that go the wrong flood the internet. It is a wonderful touch that has gone a long way.

You can go one step further, though, by remembering their face and remembering their preferences. It could be you make them an ice-tea just they way they like it. It could be you send out their package in royal blue gift wrap because you remember they mentioned it was their favorite color. If you have a wine shop, call the customer that likes a certain vintage the moment it comes in. All of these things will add to your story.

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Be As Considerate As Possible

Manners maketh man, as the say once went. But while the sexist tones can be forgiven, the statement still rings true. It is little things like opening the door for your customers when they leave. If a customer is elderly, carrying the bags out for them. Have a selection of different height chairs in your waiting area to cater for all the different needs.

All of these little considerations will go such a long way because you are considering the needs of your customers—their needs, not the general needs. These may sound like trivial things to you, but to your customers, they are the difference between you and the inconsiderate store next door. Remember that. It’s always the little things in life that make a big difference.

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