Are You Searching For New Customers?

No business is viable without customers. You may have clients, corporate clients, retail customers, or followers. They are the reason your business has an income. However, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been trading, you will need to continue to attract new customers.

While many businesses can easily upsell, cross-sell, and re-sell, a few offer a one-off service or product that is unlikely to be repeated. Still, you should certainly encourage customer referrals, and you’ll definitely need new customers if you want to grow.

So how do you find new customers? How do you attract them, and how do you convince them to part with their cash? Every sales process has many steps or stages. For many businesses, it all starts with the search engine online.

Customers search for products, services, brands, and information using their favorite search engine. If your website pages aren’t ranking on the first page for the terms your customers use, they’ll never find you. If you’re searching for customers, you have to fix your search engine optimization. Where will you find the people that you want to become your customers? Make sure your pages rank well for those search terms that they’re using.

Photo from Pexels


If you’re consulting search marketers, have a clear idea about who your customers are. Some of this data can be found in your website stats. Your customer records will also provide great insights as to who they are and what they might be interested in. The search engines themselves may offer additional information if you have registered your web pages with them. Knowing who your customers are will help you provide everything they need to help them find you.

Make sure your website has enough content to help them make their purchase decision in your favor. This might include product information pages and lifestyle content about how to use your product.

You might also offer customer forums. Social media is a powerful tool if you use it effectively. This may require a dedicated team of people managing your online profile. Regular tweets and Facebook posts can help your brand. They provide customer engagement, and promote your products. While social media activity is unlikely to appear in search engines, it is another way for customers and potential customers to find you.

You can also use search engines to find your customers. Use some of the search terms you think they are using. Browse through the first page of results. Where do they lead? Some ranking websites may be your competitors.

Others may be blog pages. Have a look at the articles they point at. Could your website do with some content like that? Find out more about the blogger. Chances are they offer influencer services. See if you can take advantage of this so you can reach new customers.

New customers can be found through existing customers. They can be found through search engines, and they can be found through social media. Once you know who they are and where to find them, it is easier to offer them the tools to get in touch.

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