Don’t Forget: Your Customers Are Your Biggest Asset

Many companies get bogged down with what they’re doing and forget that it’s the customers that make or break how successful they’ll be. A company could be as inspiring and innovating as possible, but if its efforts aren’t filtered through the lens of what customers want, then it won’t be as healthy as it should be. While there are many different areas of a business to attend to, it should be the customers that come first.



Let Them Find You


Everything else you do will be irrelevant if your customers aren’t able to find you. Your online presence is crucial to establishing your relationship with your customers. This doesn’t just mean getting yourself to the top of the Google rankings; it also means ensuring your company information is listed on your website and Google Business pages. Maintaining an active Facebook and Twitter account where they can contact you and receive a reply quickly is also a key part of strong customer service.

Easy to Work With

There’s plenty of policies and infrastructure you can integrate into your office to streamline your productivity and workplace communications and so forth: how often do you look at how you can make the life of your customer better?

If you hold appointments with your customers, then offering scheduling software that allows them to book, modify, or otherwise stay up to date with your meetings will make it all the easier for them. If your customers phone you, it’s better to have a sophisticated phone system that will set up a callback time should you be unable to answer rather than letting it ring out. It’s all about making your company easy to work with.


Be Adaptable

You have policies in place, and that’s fine. But remember that nothing so infuriates a customer than a policy that will not be altered because it’s simply “the rules” when bending the rule would make little difference to you but a big difference to them. Treat your policies as guidelines, not hard and fast rules – it’s much better all round if you’re willing to be open. Also, people love it when it feels like a company is going out of its way to make a customer’s life better.


Playing it Cool

As a growing company, you’ll be rolling out new products and services, and having discounts and other promotions. These are all very exciting to you, but only some of them will be exciting to your customers. If you’re bombarding your customer email list too often with news about your company, ask yourself who you’re helping – does your customer benefit?

Customers don’t like it when they’re hassled by a company. Be selective with the email and SMS marketing campaigns you send out. You’re an addition to your customers’ lives, not the whole thing!

The Philosophy

Ultimately, to offer the best service, you need to have the customer at the forefront of your mind. If you approach everything by asking, “How does this benefit my customers?” then you’ll be on the right track.

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