Building A Career Is Not The Same As Jobseeking

This isn’t a look at how you find a job. This is a look at how you turn a job into a career and make sure that you’re always on the right path. It’s easy to get complacent and find yourself rooted to one phase of your life for too long. But it’s not acceptable. Here we’re going to look at what it really means to build a meaningful career.



The first and perhaps most important step is actually finding the direction you want to be moving in. Using sites like can raise some important questions that help you realize when you might not really be in the right industry, to begin with.

Aligning personally with your goals is the only way you’re going to be able to maintain the focus and motivation to really reach them. Even if you’re in the right industry, you need to think about the work environment. Knowing when to move on, even laterally, is a risk but it’s a step worth taking.



Finding the path ahead means finding the ways that you can work on yourself, as well. Careers should always aim upward, after all. This might mean using sites like to educate yourself alongside your job. It might mean talking to your boss about training opportunities. What you can’t ignore, however, is the possibility you’re in a job that has no more upward mobility to offer. That’s when you need to start looking elsewhere.



You aren’t going to be given the keys to the kingdom, you need to build it yourself. Beyond learning new skills and gaining qualifications, you should be working on your standing within the industry. Personal branding and network building are going to not only give you credibility and visibility. They are important tools that can help you make contacts with new opportunities or offer or even to get scouted.



Beyond know the direction you want to go, you also have to know what you offer. This is important to the above point as well. Resume building might be an essential part of job finding, but you should also use it as a self-realization tactic too.

Following the points at gives you an in-depth look at your own experiences, your own skills, and your own achievements. Correctly valuing yourself could push you to take leaps into positions you might not have taken, otherwise.



Of course, you’re not perfect. Very few people are. Besides working on your skills, you should also self-assess to work on any performance issues you might have at work.

For instance, taking the time out to work more often on scheduling if you have trouble with managing your time. Or using key performance indicators to properly measure and improve the results you see in a day’s work. Don’t be content to coast on what you’re currently achieving. Always standardize and always optimize.

No-one is going to hand you a career unless you’re amongst the luckiest of the lucky few. You have to be willing to find what it is you really want to grab and work to grab it.


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