Smash the Salary Ceiling!

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Wages haven’t exactly been increasing at a great rate over the past couple of decades, though the cost of living seems to have been rising quite a lot during the same time period. Of course, the rich seem to have been getting richer, so it can be quite easy to get bitter about the whole thing.

But we’re not here to complain about those who are earning more money than us. We’re here to get practical and take real action against our pay woes. The fact is that you need to prove to others that you’re worth more pay.

We’re going to take a quick look at the actions you can take that can get a bit more money in your pocket every month. None of these are magic tricks; their efficacy isn’t guaranteed. But if you don’t push yourself and try them, then you may be stuck in that pay rut longer than you think.





Seriously. They say that if you don’t ask, you don’t get – and this is definitely true here. In fact, almost all instances of people being paid differently for the same work within a given company, with the same amount of experience and time spent at that company among them, is due to negotiation. Those who are paid more are generally the ones who actually negotiated more money.

Don’t assume that you’ll be thought less of, or that you’re going to lose your job as a consequence! If you don’t ask, then you could be missing out on a handsome sum.


Increase your expertise

This can help you out when it comes to applying for jobs that pay better, but it can also help you make your case if you’re looking to negotiate your salary at your current job. Any additional training and qualifications you can get in your resumé are going to do you a bunch of good. It makes your monetary worth much clearer.

Remember: as an employee, you’re something of a commodity – and the best way to get a good price for a commodity is to boost its quality! You can do this with work training programs or by getting a degree in business. How long does it take to get a degree in business? Not as long as you might think!



Do all you can in your current position


If you can’t quite get the salary increase you need at your current job, but you don’t feel ready to move on just yet, then that doesn’t mean you should fall into inaction. Don’t feel dispirited. It’s not the case that you’ve been wrong, necessarily; your employer may genuinely have good reasons not to boost your pay!

So here’s what you do: you pull out all the stops at work. Increase your productivity, improve your focus, take on more responsibilities – make your value feel truly known in that place! And even if you don’t nail a salary boost or a promotion at your current company, your great work should translate into a glowing reference – and good references can help you initial salary negotiations at your new job more than you may think.


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