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If you are working to become a professional blogger, you have to remember that it’s not just about the writing. Writing great, thoughtful content is definitely part of your role, but you have to remember that a blog isn’t just a website—it’s a business. It needs to be treated like one, and this is the aspect of blogging that most new bloggers forget. Focusing on the writing will only get you part of the way there and won’t ensure you reach the wide audience that you deserve.

These are some of the areas that you might have overlooked because you weren’t thinking in terms of business:

Web Hosting

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A lot of bloggers don’t understand the importance of hosting their own website. By hosting your site, you can ensure that you have complete control over it. You’ll be able to add as much or as little information as you like and the best part is that it won’t slow down.

If you’re not hosting your blog, there’s a strong possibility that as you add more content, you see reductions in speed. That’s going to cause difficulties for users and visitors of your blog. It could even impact your site ranking if users decided to click away before it loads.

Hosting a website is all about spending money to make money. It actually doesn’t cost that much to host a blog. For a business expense, an average of twenty-five dollars a month is pretty small.

Content Like Clockwork

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You are probably only adding content to your blog when you feel like writing, or you think you have something important to say. That’s not enough, and professional bloggers need to add content like clockwork. One of the ways you can do this is by ensuring you have a content management system in place.

A fully operation CMS is just one of the services that bloggers can get by using a pro IT support service. They can also ensure that your blog doesn’t crash and if it does, it’s back up in minutes. But for now, let’s focus on content.

With a management system, you can set up content to be added automatically to your site on a schedule. This will ensure that even if the level of content is lacking, your site remains active.


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You might want to think about getting more from your blog rather than just looking for readers. For instance, you can consider opening a shopping area where visitors can purchase products or items that you have for sale. These will typically be related to your blog topics and can provide a second income. Diversifying your site this way is a great way to keep it profitable and keep moving forward.

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Business prospects like this are something that new bloggers hardly ever think about, but you should. Alternatively, you can think about accepting sponsored content on your site. Doing this, you’ll get paid for posting articles from other people that naturally fit on your blog.

Remembering issues like this you can make sure that your blog is more than just a place to share your writing; it can be a fully functional business.

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