What Color Is Your Parachute

In 1970, Richard Nelson Bolles asked everyone who wasn’t quite convinced they were in the right job, “what color is your parachute?” The idea was that too many people had fallen into their job without really thinking whether it really was the right one for them.

If you think this was a problem in 1970, it’s an ever bigger problem now: some 70% of workers aren’t wild about their work – and, in fact, Bolles actually still updates the book every single year. But you don’t have to fork out the cash for the book. Here’s a guide to ensure you’re in the right profession.

Source: Pexels.com

What Went Wrong Before?


We’re going to assume you currently have or have had a job. The first thing to recognize is: what, exactly, did you not like about your last job? If the job didn’t feel right, pinpoint whatever the issues were. Perhaps you really liked the work, but didn’t quite like the atmosphere of the company you were working for. Or, you might have loved the people, but couldn’t quite get excited about the work. Make a sheet of pros and cons – it may not give you an answer, but it’ll set you on the right path.


Think Big

When it comes to thinking about what they could achieve in their career, many workers start by thinking from the bottom and then work their way up. Instead, think from the biggest point you can muster.

For example, ask yourself what you would do with your life if money was no object – or if every job came with the same wage. You might come up with something completely from the left field, but that’s okay – so long as it’s within the realm of possibility, it’s worth pursuing.


New Opportunities


Another thing that tends to happen is people not widening the scope of their job search enough. There are many, many jobs out there in the world – not just the limited number of jobs that people tend to do. There are also new jobs and industries being created all the time. The idea of making and selling beer would have ten years ago be unthinkable, but now everyone is doing it.


Finding the Right Job


It’s not just about identifying the type of work you want to do; you need to work hard on finding the right company to work with, one that complements your personality and ambitions. If you haven’t done so before, look at working with a recruitment agency. Visit NelsonJobs.com for details on recruiting services and find the right team for you. You’ll be spending a large portion of your waking hours at work – you need to love being there!


Being Ready for Change

Sometimes, it’s not new opportunities or lack of jobs that holds us back, but ourselves. We’re all too easily convinced that we’d be better staying where we are rather than taking a new path in life. Ignore these doubts and be ready to step into the unknown – it’s scary, for sure, but in the end it’ll always be worth it.

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