Making That Office Move As Stress Free As Possible

Moving offices can be an exciting time as your business is growing. However, it can also be really stressful to ensure that you have everything you need ready to go in your new space. Here are some ideas that could help you reduce the stress that comes with moving an office:


Make A Check List

Start by making a checklist of everything you need to do before you can move. The earlier you do this the less stressed you’ll feel about it, and the more time you’ll have to make sure you haven’t missed anything off your list. If you don’t make a checklist until the last minute, chances are you’re going to forget something really important.


Get The Staff To Help Out

How about getting your staff to help out? You could pay them as normal, or pay them a little extra if this is going to be overtime or mean they really have to go out of their way. Make sure you ask them if they would be willing to help. Some members of the team may have their own reasons for not being able to help outside of work hours. Some may even have issues with their back for example, which could mean they won’t be able to help with any of the heavy lifting.



Hire Your Removals With Plenty Of Time To Spare

Your removals are going to make the day much less stressful for you. That’s why you should make sure you do your research and hire them with plenty of time to spare. Look at Affordable Home & Office Removals to see what you should be looking for in a high quality service. Confirming the day they are due to arrive with a few weeks to go will ensure everything can go to plan too.


Start Packing Up What You Can In Advance

Start packing up what you can in advance. It won’t be great working with lots of boxes around you, so if you can start taking things over early and setting them up, this will be a big help.


Make Sure You’ve Considered Your Utilities

Considering your utilities is really important, especially if you need anything like an internet connection to get your work done. Chances are, you do! If you’re lucky, they will already be set up when you get to your new office space.



Consider The Decor Of Your New Office

You might also want to consider the decor of your new office. Ensuring it’s freshly decorated when you move in should boost staff morale and automatically make it a place they like to work. Make sure you check at what point you can begin decorating. Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! You can incorporate lots of color and even motivational posters.

Explore The Maintenance History Of Your New Building

Make sure you know that the maintenance history of your new building is solid before you move in. This will ensure you experience very few problems, if any, on your arrival!

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