The SEO Fact File

SEO, or search engine optimization is something that has come out fairly recently and is essentially insuring that your respective company comes out on top of the pile when someone starts searching for you online. Just think, how often do you click through to the second page of a search? There will always be something on the first page.

If you do not have a recognizable brand, then this is why SEO is important. It can take time, which is why many business owners don’t give it much heed. Yet it can turn a business around and drive a huge amount of sales and traffic to your website. Here are some of the main facts concerning SEO.


SEO Company

There are thousands out there, each offering to improve your various rating for your website. But if you want to use an SEO company, you have to consider using the right one. Find one that is in your niche, or one that is respectable. You can see an example at

Remember, if you are on a budget, you don’t necessarily have to use a company and can do some of it yourself, but that is where the issue of time comes in once more. You need to be able to have the time to invest into SEO to make it truly useful.





You can use this to check up on what is working and what isn’t, giving you what you need to to push your business towards success. If a particular type of advertising isn’t working, you can know and pull it, putting the cash elsewhere. Google analytics can allow you to check on where people are entering your site form and also from what country, letting you know where to target further advertising. It is a really useful way of finding out what works and what does not.




They say content is king. The more content on your website the more chance there is of someone landing on it. It means there are more keywords in different combinations so that you can pull searchers into your website. That is why so many website use blogs these days. You can write some of the content yourselves or use freelance writers to do the job for you.



Not just posting content to blogs on your own website, but on those of certain other blogs can also help build a huge amount of traffic to your website. It is called link building and is a huge portion of SEO because it pulls people to your site. The benefit of this is that you can post content to whatever blog you choose, as long as the owner likes your content. It means that you can essentially target which blog you post on based on the kind of blog it is. So you can choose blogs where you think prospective buyers will lurk.

For example, if you sell laptops, post to blogs all about computers or tech. The content has to be good, and in it you can place links back to your website. It really works and can pull in traffic that is perfectly relevant.



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