Help Is In Your Hands With These Careers

Are you looking for a career where you can help people and really make a difference?There are lots of possibilities where you don’t need massive amounts of training or a fancy degree. Instead, it’s possible to help people using your own knowledge and a few smaller courses that will lead to an incredibly rewarding career.




You can work with either adults or children by becoming a counselor. A counselor is not quite the same as a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. They don’t diagnose people with psychiatric health problems; rather, they help them cope with a known trauma, providing them with mechanisms that they can use to get better. On occasion, a counselor will also just be a friendly ear or a shoulder to lean on.


Police Officer


As a police officer, you will need to be ready to uphold the law and help those in need. You will be sent to either protect people in a certain area or attend a scene where an incident has happened. You may also need to provide support to someone who has just been the victim of a crime.



You might think that a midwife is just a type of doctor. Actually, that’s not true. As a midwife in training, you will learn how to deliver babies. But you don’t need to know all the complex procedures. Instead, you will be there at the beginning and the end for that final push. As such, you can work in this position without a full medical degree. Learn more about this exciting, rewarding career in the following infographic:

Infographic ByStaffnurse Midwifery jobs

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