The Story In The Storage: Finding Your Business Voice



The single most difficult thing in the world of business is something you probably haven’t even thought of because it’s not about figuring out your budget, it isn’t dealing with the staff shortage or influx, it’s not even that 4:30 am meeting via Skype; it’s finding your voice!

The task of finding your voice can take some time, because it is this that everything else hangs on, your product style, your approach, and many countless others, but it is very impactful on your marketing tactics. Finding your business voice, or business identity will make it easier for you to promote your image, and products, with more focus and clarity, which will help everything else. How can you do this?

Any large business and any small business can benefit from a little soul-searching from time to time. By looking at your current marketing plan (if you have one), you need to be able to figure out what the best story is that you can tell. While this may sound like a term exclusively for movie moguls, the very notion of advertising is about telling a story, a compelling one, a humorous one, an empathetic one, to gather interest in a particular product. Your product.

There are many companies, like Poet Media, that work with businesses to establish what their story is and endeavor to make it relevant to current marketing practices, such as online e-books or web videos. You can try their marketing service if you need to find a way to get more insight, or if you need an outsider’s perspective, which can benefit a lot when it comes to finding the best approach to communicate your brand.

If the term “brand” hasn’t been pushed around in your sphere, not to worry, it’s just a different word for your business personality. This is what is integral to your story. It’s a brand that will keep a customer coming back for more. Making your brand synonymous with good quality, whatever your product is, will gather repeated interest and a way to establish a worthy bond with a customer base.

This customer base is something that may change in accordance with your reassessment of your marketing plan because you might work out that you’ve been doing it all wrong, and your imagery doesn’t align with your brand at all. This is where semiotics can come into play, which is a study of signs and symbols and is broken down into two parts. The signifier (the image), and the signified (the receiver of the image, which is the customer).

By having good background knowledge of how you are communicating your business via your marketing tactics, you can start to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and figure out if this is what they demand of your business image.

So, take a look at your marketing plan and examine how you communicate your company through the various advertising means that you use, be it podcasting, videos, or just a simple advert in a newspaper. It’s all relative. Make the change.

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