Start-Up Savings!


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The success of any business, regardless of its niche or size, is heavily dependent on how well its higher-ups manage the organization’s cash flow. Every single penny that you can pinch can go a long way to ensuring your success further down the line. If you’ve started a business, and you’re finding that you don’t have as much free capital as you’d like, here are some killer tips for saving money…

Use a Mobile Office

Generally speaking, using a mobile office is the way to go for any fledgling start-up. Aside from how easy it is to set up and manage, it will save you a small fortune that you’d otherwise have to spend on a physical office and all the utilities that come with it. You probably don’t have much of a workforce right now, so having everyone in one place really isn’t necessary.

Instead, allow your employees to work from home, and use cloud collaborative platforms to track their work. There are countless cheap or even free pieces of software, such as Google Docs, which make running a business from several remote devices a breeze.

Build Slowly and Use Short-Term Solutions

When you first start your business, your time and capital is going to be fairly stretched, so it’s going to be pretty hard and expensive to keep all your necessary processes within the business. This is where outsourcing comes in.

While many people think that outsourcing is expensive, there are many affordable solutions your company could be taking advantage of, from cheap web design to solo graphic artists to SEO specialists and growth hackers. I understand the want to keep everything tightly under your control, but outsourcing certain processes can prove to be significantly more cost-effective than going totally in-house.

Use a BYOD Policy

Start-ups all over the world, as well as a lot of larger businesses, are beginning to see the huge benefits of maintaining a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. This totally eliminates the need for small business owners to pay out for smartphones, tablets, desktops and all kinds of other electronics.

Furthermore, a lot of professionals like the idea of being able to use their own familiar devices to get work done. With the development of cloud storage, commercial mobile apps, and many other tech advances, this will also allow your employees to work from anywhere, which we covered in the first point.

Create a Formal Budget, But Leave Some Wiggling Room

A lot of small business owners don’t feel it’s necessary to maintain any written budget strategy. This is wrong. Before you spend any money, invest in marketing services, or even start looking for a commercial premises, it’s essential that you sit down and set out a formal budget.

Get hard figures as to what you’re going to need to spend on communication services, the supply chain, marketing campaigns, and whatever else is necessary. This will open up all kinds of great opportunities for you to save money you may have wound up overlooking before.

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