Go With The Cashflow! Don’t Let Your Finances Get On Top Of You

There are many reasons why people decide to start a business, but one that’s fairly universal is to make shedloads of money. Although you may have more than enough appetite for success, revenue fluctuations are pretty much unavoidable in your first year of business. To make sure these don’t get on top of you, here are some great tips for managing your company’s finances.

Work on Your Supply Chain Management

This is especially crucial if you’re running a B2C business, but even when you’re selling B2B it’s essential to make sure you’re managing your supply chain as tactfully as possible. You need to make sure that tight, constant supervision is a part of the whole process, and that there’s no possibility of unnecessary middlemen piling on extra costs.

There are various tools you can use to simplify supply chain management, and ensure you know about problems the instant they arise. In service-based businesses, invoice financing can also be a huge help when things go awry in the sales cycle. Having established a good system for supply chain management, make sure you set a cycle on your calendar for coming back and assessing it from time to time.

Leverage the Cloud


Image: Flickr


These days, we’re seeing an increasing amount of small businesses adopting finance management tools that are based on the cloud, due to the increasing amount of low-cost or even free options available on the market. As investing in technology proves to be more and more economical than hiring in-house staff for small businesses, the trend is only going to increase over time.

Chewing through financial statements and bills can be very taxing for a small team, and investing in cloud-based accounting software will eliminate the risk of human error in this area. Take a look at your options and invest in some reputable cloud accounting software. Once you’ve gotten used to the ins and outs of the interface, you’ll find it so much easier to keep track of your business’s cash flow and make smarter decisions.

Prepare for a Storm

The global financial crisis that started in 2008 has taught a lot of contemporary business owners to prepare themselves for a range of different risks. If you’re a millennial, and you were as poor as any other student through the global recession, then it may not have had quite the same impact on you! While the economies of the developed world are relatively stable today, there’s always the possibility of things going south again in the future.

Due to this, you need to make sure that risk assessment makes up part of your financial planning. Tread extremely carefully when you’re managing your early cash flow, and consider the major risks which face businesses in your particular niche. This will form a solid foundation for putting a risk strategy in place, which you can fall back on if and when there’s any unexpected turbulence in the future.

If you’re finding your business’s cash flow is getting on top of you, make these tips a part of your strategy immediately.

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