5 Ways To Improve Your Business Website


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Every business needs a website, but having a website isn’t enough to suddenly see the clients flooding in. Your website has to be easy to find, easy to navigate and striking enough that it turns visitors into customers. Knowing what needs to be improved isn’t always obvious. Here are a few methods that could be worth trying.


Get a professional to review your website


The best way to identify your website’s faults is to pay a professional to privately review it for you. They will be able to give honest and constructive criticism on how to improve your site from the design to the navigation. There are many people that can do this very cheaply and professionally.


Seek help from web designers


If you or a family member designed your website, it may need a little professional sprucing up to make it look a little less amateurish. Alternatively, your site may have been made many moons ago and now looks outdated. Seek professional web designers that can implement advanced user adoption techniques to make it more modern and flashy.


Update with regular content


Not updating your website regularly can make it look like your business is inactive. A great way to keep your website active is to start blogging. Create posts on your website such as advice columns on issues related to your product and news updates on client interests.

You can also update your website with seasonal promotion and calendar alerts to events such as business fairs and community events that you may be taking part in. You should also post regular testimonials and examples of past work. A buzzing website makes it look like you’re active and getting lots of customers – even if you’re not.


Link your website to social media


Facebook and Twitter are becoming big marketing opportunities for businesses. From here you can promote straight to family, friends and strangers locally and globally. By linking these social media pages to your website, you will have more online presence, increasing the amount of traffic your website receives. View your website as your store and your social media as your shop front to the world – without social media won’t know you’re there.  


Improve your website’s search engine rankings


Another way to improve your online presence is to get yourself positioned higher up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If your business is appearing on page 30 of search engines, no-one is going to find you. If you’re on the first page – to use the shop analogy once more – you’re effectively moving from the city outskirts to the busy high street.

Whilst there are ways to improve your search engine rankings yourself, it may be more worthwhile investing in an SEO company that have a better understanding of how the algorithms work. Whatever you do, don’t try to cover your website in spammy keywords (like ‘hairdressers’ 100 times if you’re a hairdressing company) as search engines may respond by lowering your rankings (your website will also read horribly and put clients off).  


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