Business Basics: 4 Vital Components That You Can’t Neglect

Running a business can be an incredibly daunting task because there are hundreds of different components that make up a successful company. Fortunately, you can break these down into smaller tasks to take care of as your business grows instead of worrying about all of them at once. For your first business, you want to take it easy and learn the basics as you go instead of overloading yourself with impractical information.

For example, if you’re starting up your first business and it’s a bakery, then learning about human resources departments is a waste of time because you won’t have enough employees to warrant forming one with so little staff unless you have multiple stores. It’s better to spend your time perfecting your recipes, focusing on customer support and creating an online presence so people around the world can find you.


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To help you remove the stress of handling a business, here are four vital components that should never ever be neglected—treat these as the four commandments of running a business!


  1. Customer Support


It’s extremely important that you take customer support seriously. Customers are the reason why you have a business in the first place. If you neglect them, then it’s going to bite back. You have to set up platforms or channels that allow your customers to contact you and suggest changes or give feedback on your services and products. Failing to accommodate the customer’s needs and requests is a sure way to destroy your business.


  1. Legal Advice

Legal advice is essential in almost every facet of your business. If you’re being sued by a disgruntled employee or an unhappy customer, then you need to have legal help ready to deal with the problem and also to deter people who think they can falsely accuse you because you lack the means to defend yourself.

Legal advisors like Twiford Law Firm can also help you organize and manage various parts of your business, from suggesting changes to analyzing new product ideas that you might have and making sure they don’t infringe on other existing products.

  1. Advertising


If you don’t advertise, then no one is going to see your business. If you run an online-only business, then it’s even more important that you connect your website to your audience. Use social media like Twitter and Facebook to create a digital presence, and make sure you have a good-looking and informative website to go along with it.

Make sure you utilize as many advertising platforms as you can, and don’t forget to hire a freelance artist to create eye-catching advertising banners and adverts to use in your marketing campaign.


  1. Growth

Without a plan for the future, you may as well be permanently stuck in your current state. Everyone wants to nurture and see their business grow to epic proportions and that requires planning. You need to make sure you’re not stopping your own growth by inducing artificial limits on your business, and you have to embrace change if you want to grow.

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