Three Ways To Squeeze Every Drop Out Of Technology For Your Business

As a business owner, you have to use every tool at your disposal. If you aren’t, you are missing out. There could be problems banging on your door that you have the solution for! It’s unacceptable to brush issues under the carpet when you can solve them.

Technology is the big problem solver for businesses worldwide. Instead of writing down transactions in an old, dusty ledger – we can automate them with macros on a spreadsheet. Instead of forcing customers to wait on a phone line to be dealt with – we can offer customers a bunch of customer service options to make sure their voice is heard.

And instead of handing out flyers on a street corner outside a Chinese restaurant, we can promote our business on the internet. Finally, if we have issues, the internet serves as a humongous library of information that can help us out.

Ideally, we should be wringing the technology tree and squeezing every last single drop out of it to make sure we are getting the most out of our tech in the workplace. Most business owners are too happy to purchase computers and workplace technology and simply leave it there and let them assume the role of extremely expensive typing machines. That’s not good. You have to use every tool at your disposal to solve issues. Here are a few ways you can get started doing just that.



Educate Yourself:

Your business is going to go nowhere fast if you have no idea how to use the tools that can make it run. Sit down with a few books or attend tutorial sessions. Find out what software can do for your computer. Sit down and compare software packages – does one do more for you and is cheaper?

Get Help In:

You should be educating yourself at the very least, but the real world isn’t fair like that – you’re a business owner and you may not have the time on your hands to do that. You should always be looking to take on tech savvy employees who can find solutions when you can’t. Also, managed service providers like the LINC Project can do it all for you and lend a big hand when you need one. It’s a commercial way of wringing that technology tree.

Update And Upgrade:

If you’re resting on your laurels because you bought a fantastic set of computers for your staff back in 2007, think again. Computers can be outdated incredibly fast, even with all the patches and updates that are sent out by Microsoft and Apple. You’ll find your business quickly left behind with you are running it on archaic systems. Assess them every year and see if they are holding up. If they aren’t, replace them.

These options are just the start; there is plenty more you can do. Don’t feel as if you have to choose one and stick to it though. You should combine all three to get the most out of the technology running your business.


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