Keep Customers Happy With These Top Tips

Keeping your customers happy will not only drive trade, but also make your life much easier as you’ll be spending less money on marketing and promotion and more time selling your products to happy customers. People talk, and if they like the product or service on offer they’ll tell their friends. Here are some tips to help you keep your customers happy.

Offer Quality Content

If you run a blog or use social media marketing then you’ll likely be posting regular content updates. Content is king, as the saying goes. But it has to be good content. Think of all the times you’ve clicked something just for it to turn out to be the most pointless article ever, it’s click bait, and it makes people angry. If you’re going to create content keep it current and relevant. Otherwise people will get angry and start leaving bad comments which leads to bad publicity.

Using good content means shares on social media and more people clicking through to your site. It’s about building respect with your prospective customers. If you feel you can’t keep up with the need for this content, then consider hiring a freelance writer to do the job for you.



Offer Different Payment Options

If you run a customer facing business you should offer all available types of payment. This means cash, chip and pin and contactless, as well as apple and android pay. However, if you run a store dealing in high priced goods, like furniture, appliances or electricals, then it can be prudent to offer financing solutions.

It enables the customer to pay over a certain amount of time instead of upfront, keeping them happy because you are offering something that perfectly suits them. There are some brilliant point of sale financing options out there, so don’t lose sales and risk dissatisfaction by not offering it.



Give The Refund

I’m sure you’ve been in many situations where you have simply not wanted to give a customer a refund. Either you suspect them of lying, or perhaps they do things like this quite regularly. But just give them the refund, otherwise they’ll only badmouth you across town and hurt your credibility.

The same applies if you run an online business. Give them a credit note. This means they have to come back to you to spend it anyway and it will keep them happy in the long term. Always be respectful and, remember, if it were the other way around, how would you feel?

Keep Your Website Easy To Navigate

Sometimes, when a website is poorly designed or thought out, customers will simply make a few clicks, get frustrated, and go to another website. You need to ensure your website is clean and functional, without multiple click throughs.

Sometimes it can be hard to achieve if you offer lots of products or services, but put them into easy-to-define categories and make sure you include a search option. If you’re worried about this, it could be worth hiring a professional website developer to do it for you.

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