Just What Exactly Is Missing From Your Marketing?

There are few things as frustrating for a business owner than a marketing campaign that took a lot of planning and creativity only to fizzle out and have little-to-no effect. Your visuals might be great, your marketing voice might be spot on, but your marketing might be missing a few crucial ingredients. Here’s what you need to add to make sure you have the full marketing package.


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There are a lot of different means of marketing, but they need to be supported by a real, concentrated effort to generate leads. As good as your marketing is, if you aren’t actively fighting to build connections with people, you’ll have trouble establishing a customer base to expand from.

One of the best ways to build leads is to actually meet people face-to-face. If you haven’t had a launch event yet, then consider throwing one. Otherwise, make sure you’re attending the trade shows and conferences that pop up in your industry from time to time.


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You might have just gone too broad with your marketing. If so, then your real customers, the people who should be at the core of your strategy, might not even realize that you’re attempting to target them. It can be tempting to try cast the net as wide as possible.

But it’s more important to ensure you’re appealing directly and specifically to the market that can actually support the business. For example, in education services, k12 marketing is very different from college marketing. All industries have their subcategories and you need to identify your place in them.


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Even more specifically, you need to identify your place amongst the market for that subcategory. Unless you’ve hit a brand new nail on the head, you’re going to have some competition. More than finding your specific audience, you’re going to have to find your niche amongst them.

If you try to compete point-for-point with existing or bigger businesses, it’s easy for customers to go with the more established name. However, if you find the aspects of the service your competitors aren’t hitting, then you find a niche that can win you a surprise portion of the market. Do your research and find those chinks in your opposition’s armor.


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One of the reasons more experienced businesses will beat you in a head-to-head is because of the time they’ve spent building their brand. If you just appear on the market with a product or service, people might not be sure how to judge the offer. If they know your story, your objectives, and your expertise, they will be a lot easier to convince. Make sure you’re spreading your name far and wide through digital marketing and building a backlog of expert advice through content marketing. This can be the brand awareness your marketing needs for people to start trusting it.

Good marketing needs good research and the right strategies. You need to know your competition and know your customers even better. As important, they need to know you through the elevation of your branding. Don’t think about giving up on your marketing until it includes these vital principles.

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