Make Your Business Eventful: Put On A Live Event To Promote It

There are many ways for you to generate buzz around your business, from the standard networking events, to putting on a trade show, but have you thought about the excitement a live event can bring to your business? It may sound like an unorthodox method to communicate your business, but the grand scale of a major event can really make a long-lasting impression. What do you need?



A Great Marketing Campaign

Getting the audience together for a live event, whether it is a show or otherwise, how you market the gig is a key element. You need to get the punters in, and if you are trying to go for it on a local level, especially if you are running an event that is a regular occurrence, or you are running a business that depends on a high amount of regular punters, then you need to appeal on a community-led level. Whether that involves creating a big hubbub around the event or using social media to its advantages, that is down to you.

But never underestimate canvassing people on the street, it works for people during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is a big flashmob of color and light, so why not try big signs, billboards, or marquees. If you are leaning towards that side of things, there are websites like where you can purchase items of that ilk to advertise your business.

When you are using social media to advertise your event, there can be a tendency to have a massive launch night and the interest slowly wanes afterward, so keeping your campaign consistent is important to gathering local interest.

Another way to get momentum on a local level is to have a local sponsor. By getting a sponsor to help you advertise, it is a great way for exposure on their part, and you are aligning yourself with a quality name.


The Live Crew

Harnessing the right staff for an event is a fine art. Getting the crew or staff members that are experienced is always preferable, but not always attainable depending on the event that you are running. A quick solution is to assign roles to each member of staff, so they know what their duties are for the evening, and it helps to make everyone realize their part in the machine.

Communication is a tool that is often overlooked during a live event, purely because there is never enough time to gather everyone for a work-in-progress meeting during the event, so by making everyone know the running order of things, with times set in stone, it will smooth the evening out. And a common method of communicating during a live event is to have either walkie-talkies or if this isn’t feasible, having a base of operations that staff can come back to will provide an anchor for the potential chaos that could occur.

Dealing with the public on a large scale can be tiresome and difficult, so by having kiosks and people that are assigned to deal with customer service issues dotted around the area will alleviate any tension if the event starts to veer off course.

Running an event is a massive undertaking, and these are only two of the things that need to be covered. But if it successfully goes off, your business will see major returns.

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